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The Truth About Colored Contact Lenses

There are several misconceptions about contact lenses that continue to be aired whenever the subject arises. Let’s look at some of these and try to clarify supposed and actual problems.

MYTH: Color Change Eye Contacts Cause infections

Unless the contact is actually damaged or scratched it is not likely to cause an infection if properly packaged and sold to you from a reputable company and particularly if you have ordered prescription lenses. The artificial color is completely safe if you choose ones that are regulated by ISO International Standards.

The problem comes from improper care by the recipient. Handling with grubby hands increases the risk of eye infection.Bacteria can easily spread to the eyes if you insert and remove lenses without going through the proper procedures, leading to infections such as conjunctivitis. Always use the recommended solutions, never make your own or buy cheap alternatives.

Make sure all containers are regularly cleaned when using long life lenses. Air dry them and replace with a new one every month or so. Always wash your hands thoroughly before applying or removing lenses, use a lint free towel to prevent foreign bodies entering the eye. The lenses themselves must not be stored in water, even sterile forms. And never use saliva to wet the contact.

MYTH: Color Lenses Are Bad For Your Vision

Safe, vision-correcting or color-altering Contact lenses are the perfect solution for people with astigmatisms, presbyopia, eyes that are regularly dry, and other similar problems. People involved in sports prefer the convenience of not wearing glasses that can fall and break or create eye injuries.

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Eyes need to breath and remain moist, most soft lenses are made from hydrogel and thus being hydrophilic allow moisture through, keeping the eye healthy. At the same time the lenses are acting as a barrier against other possible forms of irritation. Even if the tint of the lens appears to change your eye color, the reality is that you can still see perfectly well.

MYTH: Lenses Can Get Lost Around The Back Of The Eye

This is not true; your eye has a membrane which will prevent anything from disappearing behind the eye. Contacts can sometimes be a little difficult to remove if they have been in too long and dried out. Sometimes they may slip under the eyelids, and for a moment you think you have lost one, but they are generally unlikely to fall out, after all sport persons wear them, without problems.

MYTH: It Is Expensive To Keep Replacing Color Lenses

Throwaway lenses are relatively more expensive, if you keep buying them. For instance if you liked changing your color, or buying for special events such as Halloween or Christmas. They are less apt to get contaminated, because you are not continuously putting them in or taking them out. General practitioner lenses, tend to be more durable and can be worn safely over a matter of years. They prove cheaper over time, but require a regular cleaning routine to prevent problems and having to buy replacements.


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