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An expert has revealed her tips for boosting self-pleasure.

An expert has revealed seven practical activities that take just minutes and will help boost sexual pleasure to celebrate Women’s Health Week.

Womanizer sex and relationships expert Christine Rafe has shared her top tips for improving your overall sexual health and satisfaction, with women encouraged to try each of these for one day over a week.

1. Practice being mindfully aware: Take two minutes to slow down and tune in mindfully to one (or all) of your senses. You can incorporate this into something that is in your everyday routine, e.g. when you are putting moisturiser on, pay attention to the cool cream in your hands, notice what it feels like to spread it slowly over your skin. Give yourself a slow, sensual massage while rubbing in the moisturiser to your face and/or body. While not overtly sexual, mindful awareness of our senses is key in sexual arousal and pleasure.

2. Build self-confidence: Identify three things that you celebrate in yourself and say them out loud to yourself. If it feels right to you, think about what makes you sexy, or alternatively, find three things that you are grateful for in yourself. This can be relating to your style, personality, appearance, or absolutely anything that you can celebrate about yourself in this moment. Negative chatter and low confidence are indicators of low sexual satisfaction, so start practising self-appreciation.

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3. Allow yourself to fantasise: Our brain is our biggest sex organ, and often we shut down our imaginations and fantasies because we feel uncomfortable, it doesn’t feel like the right time, or another reason our brain gives us to stifle our sexuality. When you’re sitting on the bus, waiting for your coffee, or in the shower, give yourself the permission to reflect on enjoying a past sexual experience, or let your imagination run wild with something that would really turn you on (doesn’t matter if you never share or actually do it). Allowing fantasy and space for sexual thoughts is a game-changer when it comes to increasing desire.

4. Identify something that you would like more of in your life, that feels sexually relevant to you: This could be more making out with your partner (many people stop actually making out with their partners in longer-term relationships), more physical touch, more pleasure (the Womanizer Premium is every vulva-owner’s best friend), more flirting, anything! Consider how you might be able to give yourself more of this.


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5. Practise something you want to say to a sexual partner, that could make intimacy and sex even better for you: Identifying and practising what we want to say to someone is so useful in building confidence to actually say it! Write it down, say it out loud to yourself, in the mirror, whatever you need to then share it with a partner. Use statements such as “I love it when we…” and “It would turn me on so much if…”

6. Wear your sexiest underwear, put on a sexy song, and give yourself a sexy dance when no one is around: You are performing only for you, so allow yourself to move, touch, whip your hair, or do anything that feels sexy to you in that moment.

7. Prioritise a solo self-pleasure session today: You can spend as much or as little time as you want on this, but make it a focus for the day. If you’re time-poor, the Womanizer Duo can make quick work of intense pleasure. If you have more time, incorporate sensual whole body massage before moving to genital touch using your palm, fingers, toys, lubricant etc.