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9 Ways to Rock Glitter Lips Just in Time for Festival Season

Confetti, funfetti, glitter. Whatever you decide to call it, this sparkly texture will instantly uplift any beauty look, whether it’s for a GNO or our favorite time of year — festival season. Want to highlight your cheek bones? Put glitter on it. Want to show off your decolletage? Grab your glitter. Need to accentuate your lips like Kylie Jenner’s? Dress ’em in sparkles. Wait, what? Yes, glitter lips are the latest beauty trend you need to try. No matter what color you decide to rock — a red lip, an ombre pout — this far-from-boring trend is totally worth it. Check out nine versions below so you can truly stand out from the crowd with your festival style.


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1. Purple Glam: This ombre glitter lip art is fancy AF. Switch things up with different hues such as gold glitter over a pink pout or silver glitter over gray.

2. Funfetti: Hello, new favorite beauty look! Not only does this funfetti style look chic on the lips, but it also adds a level of sass when added around the eyes.

3. Blue Diamond: Tired of your everyday lip but don’t want to go overboard? Try this design the next time you want to add a little pizzazz for a nighttime outdoor concert.

4. Barbie Pink: No matter what time of the day it is, this’ll take your style from oh-so boring to DDG. It’s subtle enough to rock during the day, but adventurous enough to sport at Coachella.

5. Blue Steel: These runway-approved lips are begging to make their Bonnaroo debut. Take your pucker up a notch by pairing your lips with red mascara and a flirty dress.

6. Disco, Disco: When you want to head out for the night, this colorful glitter lip is the only way to go. Use beauty glue to keep all the pieces in place, so your lip game can stay strong all night long.

7. Purple Speckle: Want to try a new hue that will take you out of your comfort zone? Dress your lips in this royal-inspired color and top it off with confetti-inspired glitter.

8. Red Slippers: If Dorothy could rock a red lip, we’re pretty sure it would be this hue. Use fine-grade glitter to get a shimmery style with just the right amount of vamp. Pair it with a sharp AF cat eye that’s retro yet bold.

9. Pink Glitter: Nothing is more girly than a sparkly pink hue. Complement it with a fierce pair of falsies for a more dramatic effect that speaks volumes.