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Blue dress: what color of a jacket to wear?

Like the black dress, the blue dress is one of the great classics of the women’s dressing room. Whether it is light blue or navy blue, this timeless dress accompanies you on all your outings for an impeccable look.

A blue dress may be of any style: a fancy dress, a cocktail night dress, a mini dress of bright color, etc. No matter what option you choose for your occasion, you will definitely have lots of fun and enjoyment if you choose a gown in the Milla store. Milla Dresses online store offers rapid shipping, and there are lots of goods you can find and buy at any time: they are always available.

All in all, blue is a color that we never get tired of. This color reminds us of the sea and the sky, freedom, security, and trust. This is probably why so many of us designate it as our favorite color. This is undeniable in our clothing choices, and the dark or light blue dress is no exception.

Blue: a timeless color that flatters

Wearing blue is, therefore, quite easy. Indeed, by choosing this color, we are sure not to be mistaken because it is quite widespread.

It is also a color that flatters the silhouette. By absorbing light, it draws shapes without accentuating them and is suitable for all morphologies. Thus, whether it is solid or decorated with patterns, you will always find a blue gown to highlight yourself.

The little blue dress: an easy piece to match

The little blue dress also has the advantage of combining easily with other colors. You will easily match it with the shoes and accessories already present in your wardrobe.

The most beautiful tandems of the blue dress and a jacket

Depending on the shade of your dress or the presence of patterns or accessories, you will find a jacket that will suit you. Here are some inspirations that match for sure.

  1. The navy blue dress and the flashy jacket. A navy blue dress goes well with all flashy colors. Thus, you can wear it with an apple green jacket or an orange, fuchsia, or bright yellow blazer. You can also stay in a shade of color by wearing it with an electric blue jacket. A navy blue or white blazer will be perfect for a more classic outfit, while a well-cut denim jacket will give it a more casual touch.
  2. The light blue dress and a blazer. The light blue dress and denim will go perfectly with a darker jacket (navy or black) and many other colors. A beige, white, or pastel jacket will accentuate the softness of your outfit, while bright shades (bright yellow, purple, etc.) will give it a little pep.
  3. The intense blue. Intense women’s blue dresses, such as electric blue, should be handled cautiously. A black or white jacket will be ideal with an electric blue, while a dark blue piece will be highlighted with a denim jacket or a beige blazer. Some of you may dare to a camouflage jacket in a more adventurous spirit.
  4. The blue patterned dresses. Whether it is a dark blue dress with white polka dots, a navy dress with flowers or white stripes, or a dress with colorful patterns, opt for the navy blue blazer. A jacket as a reminder of the color of the patterns can also compose a beautiful set.

Hopefully, we were helpful. Choose your dream dress right now!

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