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Paige Spiranac reveals her biggest turn-ons, ‘sex’ recipe

Paige Spiranac’s dating history isn’t the only topic on the table for her podcast.

During Monday’s episode of “Playing A Round,” the 27-year-old golfer spoke about the older gentlemen who have tried to flirt with her on the course.

“I feel like the older the guy, the more forward they tend to be. And they’re like, ‘I have nothing to lose so I’m just going to go full-force in on this pick-up,’ and it has never worked,” Spiranac said. “But I respect the game. I respect the players, I respect the game.”

As the “Paige Bares All” segment continued on the show, Spiranac also spilled her biggest turn-ons with men.

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“When it comes to a guy’s personality, definitely a sense of humor. When it comes to physically, I like a guy with really nice arms. I think a guy with really nice arms that always is a turn-on,” she said.

Spiranac said she also likes women who look different than her physically.

“I like girls who look opposite of me,” she said. “More exotic, darker skin, brown hair, big booty.”

Spiranac, who calls Chris Hemsworth and Megan Fox her celebrity crushes, also dished on her skills in the kitchen.

“I love to cook,” she said. “I’m a really good baker.”

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Among her top recipes, “Better Than Sex” is a favorite.

“It’s chocolate cake and you infuse it with caramel, it’s so good. It is so good,” she explained.

Though Spiranac regularly features selfies and golf posts on her Instagram feed, perhaps a cooking adventure will be documented in the future.


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