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Tips On Applying Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup is nothing but a foundation or base in the ‘guise’ of a loose powder. It’s called mineral makeup because it comprises of minerals like bismuth oxychloride, mica, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Mineral makeup should not be mistaken for talc. Unfortunately, there has always been confusions between talc-based powders and mineral makeup. Now comes the time to do away with all confusions and cases of ‘mistaken identities’. Although talc is a mineral and in terms of its components can be considered a mineral makeup, most mineral makeup products are free of talc. This demarcates the obvious difference between a talc-powder and mineral makeup. Most women use liquid foundation creams because they are simply unaware of the advantages of mineral makeup. Women are also clueless on how to apply mineral makeup. It really is not as difficult as it may seem to be. Following few simple steps will help you use mineral makeup to advantage. Read on to gain access to instructions on how to apply mineral makeup.


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Tips On Applying Mineral Makeup 

Moisturize Your Face
It is extremely important to apply mineral makeup on skin that is moisturized. This is because applying mineral makeup or powder on dry skin will cause it to look dry and flaky. It’s a powder after all. For best results, apply a good moisturizing agent on your face ten minutes before applying your makeup. Applying mineral makeup right after you’ve moisturized your face can cause the makeup to melt and that’s not something you would want. 

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Foundations And Eye Liners
Now pour a small amount of foundation into the cap of the jar. This will help you use just as much as you should and prevent you from using more than you should. Make it a point not to use more than a pinch or so of foundation on your face. Proceed to line your eyes with eyeliner. Use a kabuki brush to lightly brush off the excess powder on your cheeks. 

Cover Blemishes
You will definitely need your foundation to cover up the blemishes on your face. You literally will have to dab foundation cream onto your blemishes for this. Dab a fingertip-sized dollop of foundation on your face and rub it in to cover your blemishes. Also, make it a point to get rid of the excess foundation. 

The Kabuki Brush
This is where your kabuki brush comes fully into play. The brush helps cover large areas of your face without making the makeup on your face look largely artificial. It’s important to have a good and reliable kabuki brush. Once you’ve got this covered, you can start applying the mineral makeup. Start off by applying the powder first on to your cheeks and then move on to the side of your face. You’ve also got to make it a point to not just brush the powder onto your face, but actually apply the same. Just brushing the powder onto your face will cause it to fall off, while actually applying it will ensure it sticks onto your skin. It may take you a few attempts to master the art of applying mineral makeup with a kabuki brush.

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Setting Powder
To complete your ‘mineral makeup look’ use a setting powder. This will prevent the mineral powder from melting. The makeup will hold together for longer periods of time when you use a setting powder. You can apply the setting powder just like you would a foundation or a base.


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