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How do people go about scoring Air Jordans at release?

As you may or may not know, stores are starting to reduce the amount of new releases they hold in store. This is to prevent people camping out in front of the store and storming in when the doors open. Nowadays, most releases are held online. So, how do you beat everyone to the chase? I would recommend using a bot service to give yourself the best results. A sneaker bot is a software that is designed to buy specific sneakers at speeds which are often faster than humans. Let’s face it, when a new sneaker is released you might get a bit panicky, and the website might start lagging due to the sudden influx of customers and the website layout might be confusing to navigate through. Bots are designed to work as efficiently as possible to source out the required information and purchase the sneakers.

The bot does this by using a programming tool called an “Acceptance test”. Retailers also use this as a tool to see if the website is functioning correctly as it allows them to not have to compete with the traffic of regular users. The best way to think about it is to picture a sneaker store, the front door is where the flood of people come running through when the shoe is released, where as the “Acceptance test” is where the employs would enter through the backdoor. And, on the day of the shoe being released the front door will remained locked whereas the employees will need to enter early through the back door to prepare for the sale.

The bots I recommend using are the following:

Another Cheap Jordan Shoes Bot – AIO. This bot was designed specifically to target Jordan Shoes releases. Each website has a different code created to protect themselves from attacks so having a bot with a vague code sorting algorithm might not be as functional as one designed to target a specific brand. It is for this reason that I also suggest having a look at Better Nike Bot – All in one. It is worth noting that both of these bots will also worth for other releases such as yeezys etc.