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Your Ultimate Guide to Blush

Blush gives you that perfect pop of colour that immediately makes you feel and look beautifully fresh. In the recent craze of contouring, we all tend to forget about our blush, but we shouldn’t! The right blush is the perfect brightening pick me up for all faces, and it can really enhance your whole look in a natural, effeminate way. So, how to find and use the perfect blush – it’s by no means easy, but it definitely is possible. Here’s a full guide to finding the perfect blush for you, and for applying it too!

Prep your skin

Makeup needs a beautiful, smooth canvas to sit on in order to look it’s very best – and it’s up to you to prep that face of yours! The key to fresh skin is regular exfoliation, and an exfoliating acid or facemask is the best way to go for baby soft results. Next, replenish your natural oils with a nurturing serum and layer on a rich moisturiser. This will create a beautiful base for your SPF, foundation, concealer and – you guessed it – blush! Your makeup will look better and last longer with a regular skin routine in place, so it’s worth investing your time and money in.

Find the right tone

Blush tone is very important, universal bright red just doesn’t cut it anymore! To avoid looking clownish, you need to consider your colouring and skin tone. If you have cooler or blue undertones, you’ll want to veer towards pink that has blue or purple undertones – a sheer violet or bright puff pink will look flawless. Maybe you suit warmer tones more? A rich plum, hot coral or cheerful, warm pink is going to blend seamlessly into your colouring.

Choose a formula that works for your skin

Once you’ve got your tone down pat, it’s time to start thinking about what formula of blush is going to work best for you and your skin type. Chalky, powder blush is a thing of the past – there are so many options out there! If you have mature, dry or dull skin, you’re going to love a cream to powder, cream or liquid formula. For oily, acne prone or scarred skin types a pressed or loose powder will work best.

Use the proper tools

Blush applied with fingers just doesn’t last as long, the oils in your hands integrate with the formula and causes it to break down quicker on your skin. So, in order to make your blush last as long as possible, it’s very important to find the right tools. Pick up your blush brush or sponge and be sure to keep it nice and clean so it’s always performing the best it can. For powders, a natural-hair brush will work best but for creams or liquids, you’ll want synthetic hair or a makeup sponge.

Apply and blend thoughtfully

Now you’ve got your perfect blush and the tools to match, it’s time to start applying! Be sure to take your time when you swipe your product on, too many people treat their blusher as an afterthought, and it ends up looking rushed or patchy.

Set with powder or spray

You’ll need to properly set your blush if you want it last all day long. A loose translucent powder or setting spray will hold your gorgeous applied flush in place throughout the day.

Follow these tips of the chicest cheeks possible! Your blush makeup will tie your whole look together and leave you feeling completely fabulous – get blushing!


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