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CBD oil for dogs: A miracle medicine for all dogs out there

A good number of people own dogs. If you have been a dog owner for a very long time, then your dog is very much part of the family. As a matter of fact, dog owners today care for their furry friends the same way they would with their own children. Well, if you fall under this category, then you are definitely up to date with the latest ways to care for your dog. These mainly include ways in which you can improve the quality of life of your pet along with using CBD oil for yourself as mentioned on the blog, WhatIsCBDOil. CBD oil is becoming a household name for many folks.

Your pet dog might be suffering from some canine conditions. The worst thing is not knowing how best to help your furry loved one. The good news is there might be a great option on how to deal with all this. CBD oil for dogs is still a new concept and the impact it has on dogs is something scientists are looking into. The research may not be conclusive but more and more veterinarians are increasingly recommending it to some of their clients. Many of them believe it actually has therapeutic impacts on dogs.

How does CBD oil affect dogs?

Cannabidiol is basically an extract of cannabis. Dogs have the endocannabinoid system just like human beings. The endocannabinoid system is more like the operating system. It regulates functions such as mood, appetite, feeling, pain response and so on.

When pets ingest CBD from the cannabis sativa plant, it adds on to their internal endocannabinoid. The result of this is an increased effectiveness of the entire system. Any condition that is currently out of balance is treated. For instance, if your dog’s appetite has gone down, the CBD will work to boost it and bring it back to proportion.

The interaction between the endocannabinoid system and the CBD helps dogs deal with a various physical and mental conditions. These include;

  • Reducing inflammation in dogs
  • Relives joint pain and arthritis
  • Relieves stress and anxiety as a result of separation, thunderstorms, fireworks and stressful grooming appointments
  • Helps reduce seizures and epilepsy
  • Better sleeping patterns
  • Improves the appetite
  • Boost the health of digestive and nervous systemsOver 50% of dog owners are using CBD oil and other products on their dogs. A huge percentage of those products dog owners are using were recommended by a veterinarian.How much CBD oil should I give my dog?
  • There is no official guideline on the appropriate dosing of CBD oil for dogs. The recommended dosage is usually 0.2 mg/ml of CBD per pound of the dog’s body weight in a day. On the safer side, always start with a lower dosage as you gauge your dog’s reaction to the medicine. If you notice a positive response, then you can slowly increase dosing.
  • When it comes to anxiety, 49% of the dog owners are reported to have used CBD to relieve anxiety in their dogs. This is according to a survey done by JAHMVA. A number of people claimed that the products helped in a great way to calm down their pets. Older dogs with arthritis can benefit from the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD. A daily dose is enough to enable your dog have quality life.
  • Is it true that CBD oil works for dogs?

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