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10 Minutes Is What You Need To Accessorize Your Bridal Hair Wearing Cute Wedding Hair Accessories

The best part about wearing wedding hair accessories is that you don’t have to be a bride to wear them. Chuckle away, because now you can wear the chicest of wedding hair accessories and different accessories for bridal hairstyles with just about any elegant cocktail haute couture or prêt a porter number. Yes that’s true – wedding hair accessories can be worn all year round, and at work too. Let’s take a look at how to wear them and which hairstyle or hairdo would best suit them as well.



There sure are a range of different accessories for bridal hairstyles to wear and flaunt, and some of them are so cute and trendy, you wish you were being married for real. But who wants to get hitched, when you can wear just your casual street number and pop it up with an oomph statement in a pearly white hair accessory! Maybe a floral wreath for the head or a halo for the crowning glory – in less than ten minutes wearing a sheer gown, you can change the look.

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If you plan to make a statement and want heads to turn wearing an elegant low stuffed bun, you must think of embellishing the bun with the right oxidized white hair accessory too. Once the bun is over and complete, use a little hair spray to set the hair and then place the elegant Bridal Hair Accessories on it.

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From maangtikkas to passas, you can leave your hair loose and wavy wearing lovely chunky stone embellished bridal hair accessories too. Partition your hair in the middle and apply hair mousse to bring more volume to the hair at the crown all the way to the nape of the neck. The front hair can be side combed or styled into curls that hang loose, with the passa or maangtikka adjusted at the crown or on the side of the head.

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Flexible and nice, hair vines come in all shapes and sizes, and styles too. Create a messy bun or leave the hair done in curls with the help of hot tongs; the hair do would sit for a very long time. Perfect to wear if you are a bridesmaid, or maybe attending your bestie’s birthday party.

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A-listers love wearing topknots and accessorizing them with cute hair tiaras too. What you could do is wear it either with a high ponytail or with a chic sleek topknot. Complete the look with smokey eyes and red hot lips, and you would be the queen at the party.

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For a very vintage look to wear at an elegant event, you can wear the birdcage veil embellished with floral patterns and pearls. This is a look that suits all hairdos and hairstyles, so there’s nothing to worry about. Wear it in colors if you please, since white isn’t the only color and hue they come in!

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One of the cutest ways to look like a princess at college would be wearing a white oxidized bridal headband with a long skirt or a frock. The style comes clean for the summer look, wearing nude makeup and peach lips.

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If you fancy wearing bohemian and french braids, go right ahead and do that. You can wear the look to college or to work, and still be a diva. However, don’t forget to embellish the look with floral head bands or hair pins, which makes the look prettier!

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The regal lass would love her olive crown in metallic tones, and gold head wreaths can be worn with chic Indian outfits too. You can wear your hair in waves or a sleek wet bun, but do embellish the crown section with an imitation gold wreath!

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There are many more ways to wear western and indian wedding hair accessories, and the next time we shall show you how to curate or create your own chic ones too. Do write in and let us know about this post on ideas about Wedding Hair Accessories and which idea would you love to try out!

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