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Beauty Tips For Zodiac Signs: Wear Makeup According To Your Sun Sign

You may have heard this a thousand times- ‘According to your Zodiac Sign, you shouldn’t be doing this’. Well, let’s add another thing to this list. In this article, we will talk about all the beauty tips which you should be following according to your zodiac.


It is definitely not a hard and fast rule to follow skin care tips or beauty tips for your zodiac signs, but yes, some research definitely has been put into it, so you can be rest assured that these best tips will actually work for you. Let’s start.

1. The Fiery Aries Beauty

You are from the fire sign and you love your confidence. Aries women never shy away from skincare tips or makeup tips and they would be confident enough to try anything! So, that latest blood transfusion beauty process popularized by Kim Kardashian, well, an Aries woman just might try it!

Celeb Twin: Sarah Jessica Parker


2. The Stubborn Taurus Beauty

They are the bull sign and for them beauty tips for Zodiac signs may not be that comfortable. Nevertheless, practicality is what they see in makeup tips and hair care tips. So, they would love to see beauty tips which will not waste their time. They will mostly love neutral and earthy tones for their makeup.

Celeb Twin: Jessica Alba


3. The Dual Gemini Beauty

True to its sign, a Gemini beauty is a pro at mixing and matching her beauty looks. So she might one day be interested in glitter makeup tips and the other day she may just switch over to dark purple. Yes, she is like that!

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Celeb Twin: Angelina Jolie (Easily making this the most attractive Zodiac Sign, pardon us, we may be a little biased!)


4. The Feminine Cancer

Ruled by water, Cancerian women mostly love being feminine and graceful so you will see more of pinks and prettier colours like peach in their makeup. They love highlighting and most of their makeup will have something or the other to do with highlighting. They are an enchanting sun sign and they will use makeup to highlight just that.

Celeb Twin: Selena Gomez


5. The Gorgeous Leo

Give the Leo woman some hair tips and she would adore you. Yes, Leo woman are obsessed with their hair and they will do everything possible to keep her hair that way.

Celeb Twin: Jennifer Lopez


6. The Classy Virgo

The Virgo’s strong point is her classiness. She loves to keep it chic and stylish, so you will see her being all methodical with her makeup and she will go with those brands which are cruelty free, because she believes in that. But at the same time she is entirely goofy and can take the world by a storm!

Celeb Twin: Cara Delevigne


7. The Balanced Beauty Libra

Since this beauty believes in balance, Librans will always go for colours which are peaceful and amiable and not too jarring. They have a natural inclination towards lighter colours and most nude lipsticks will suit these beautiful ladies.

Celeb Twin: Kate Winslet


8. Sensual Scorpio

Scorpions are often very sensual and they are pretty secretive. Smokey eye makeup is their thing and you will mostly see them concentrating most on their eye makeup.

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Celeb Twin: Aishwarya Rai


9. The Sweet Sagittarius Babe

The Saggi babe loves fresh-faced makeup and she will always look the youngest no matter what. Fresh lips and rose-tinted cheeks are her thing. She is also very outrageous when it comes to dressing up.

Celeb Twin: Christina Aguilera


10. The Calm Capricorn

The Capricorn ladies are the most sorted ladies of the lot. They love makeup which is cool and calm and olives, greys, charcoals are their things.

Celeb Twin: Cameron Diaz


11. The ‘Eccentric’ Aquarius

The star sign that will love everything out of the ordinary- Aquarius ladies love experimenting with makeup and they love playing with anything glittery and shiny. You can see them with some of the most eccentric makeup (Blue and green hair, someone?)

Celeb Twin: Chloe Grace Moretz


12. The Hydro-Loving Pisces

This is one sign that is true to its nature, loves anything based on water. So hydrosols, hydro-spritzes and all those miraculous water makeup items are adored by this beauty. She loves to keep it calm and serene and loves just a little bit of makeup.

Celeb Twin: Olivia Wilde


Now that you know what’s your style, let us know if you do follow these!

Images Source: musely.com, pinterest.com

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