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Bebe Rexha shows fans what she really looks like

Bebe Rexha is showing followers her unfiltered bikini body while claiming that paparazzi photos of her taken on the beach were unflattering.

The 31-year-old singer took to her Instagram where she has 10.5 million followers on Thursday night to record herself in a one-piece bathing suit days after photos were posted by the DailyMail of her in the same suit. “I went to Mexico with my boyfriend and paparazzi posted some pictures of me,” she said. “And I wanted to show you what I really look like.”

Bebe Rexha has spoken out about struggling with body image in the past and even opened up about designers denying to dress her for certain red carpets because of her size. In her latest Instagram story she says, “I got thighs and I got a**.” Still, she admits that her self confidence can take a hit when photos of herself pop up on the internet.

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“I find it hard to love myself sometimes. And when you see yourself looking like s***, it’s like, yes, I got stretch marks, let me show you. I got stretch marks, I got cellulite, all of the above,” she said with the camera angled to show her body. “But I don’t do surgery. I’ve never touched my body, never done lipo[suction], never done any of that stuff. I’m trying to be healthy and respect what God gave me. And I like to eat and I also take medicine that makes it really hard for me to lose weight.”

The Jealous singer went on to say that her body has been the same since she was a young girl, calling herself “thick” and pointing out her small waist. When showing off the latest paparazzi photos, she said “what the hell. …That’s not what I look like.”


This isn’t the first time that she’s spoken out about plastic surgery after debunking rumors that she’d had work done during a 2019 interview with Health. In her Instagram story she said, “That’s how I was born.”