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14 Excellent Eye Makeup Ideas for Green Eyes

Green eyes are everyone’s envy. So why not bring out this beautiful eye color with the makeup tips below. Here are some excellent makeup ideas for green eyes:


To really make your eyes pop out, avoid green eyeliner and blue eyeliner at all costs. Green eyeliner might make your eyes seem duller, whilst blue, doesn’t merge all that well at all. Using earthy eyeliner tones such as dark brown would be best.

Another color that would complement your eyes is raisin reddish purple, if you prefer a less natural tone. Grey eyeliner can also be a good choice since it’s a neutral color that doesn’t contradict green. Using black eyeliner can also work for bolder looks.



With green eyes you can use darker colors like black mascara. But you can also use lighter tones of brown to complement your eyes. Experimenting with different shades of brown mascara to see what best fits your eye would be a good idea. All brown and bronze tones are good for popping your green eye color out. Purple tones like plum colored mascara can also bring out the green in your eyes.  Although reddish tones go well with green eyes, avoid red mascara at all costs.

Eye Shadow

As a general rule, most earthy tones will work for green eyes. So experiment with brown and gold eye shadows for an earthy look. They will make your green eyes pop the most. When it comes to green eye shadow, the tone of green to use will depend on the shade of green your eyes possess. For darker green eyes, use bright green eye shadow. On the other hand, for bright green eyes, use darker green eye shadow. To go for a cuter look, use shimmery rosy tones. For bolder looks use purple and maroon eye shadow.

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Blush or Bronzer

This all depends on your skin tone. For lighter skin tones using blush would be best, however if you are more tanned, then bronzer will both complement your skin tones and your emerald eyes.

Lip Color

Going for rosy tones is not only the best but easiest color to apply. Experiment with nude lipstick, hot pink and pink lip gloss. Other lip tones that can work for your rare eye color are orange, red, and brown tones. If you want to go for classical red lipstick be sure to complement it with brown undertones. For a more day time look, go for apricot, the orangey tone in it will match your eyes nicely. You can also play with cinnamon and coppery colors for more brown tones. I hope these wonderful makeup ideas for green eyes will help you get the desired look.

Natural and shimmery.

Just natural with thick flick eyeliner style.

Glossy with the golden shade.

Purple on green eyes.

Cute bronze with thin liner.

Casual makeup for casual days.

Glamorous with long faux lashes.

Bit smokey with glamorous eyelashes.

Luminous makeup for green eyes.

Lime green makeup with golden crease for green eyes.

Dark green with glittery effect.

Matte purple.

Sky blue and silver eyes makeup.

Arabic style makeup.

I will come up with more ideas soon for everyone wanting to learn working with more shading contrast for their green eyes.

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