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These Bold Makeup Colors How To Into Your Beauty Routine

Ever drooled over a striking makeup look while scrolling through Instagram, yet ultimately wrote it off as too daring for your own intents and purposes? Us, too. Luckily, there’s no better time than Spring to throw all inhibitions out the window and go bold — like, really bold. After all, the season doesn’t symbolize a fresh beginning for nothing! Ahead, we share five attention-grabbing ways to inject electrifying energy and dramatic color into your beauty routine.

1Don’t reserve red for just your lips

While red is a classic choice for your lips, it doesn’t often stray beyond that. Push yourself to incorporate the color in a unique way, whether it’s subtly coating your lashes with blood red mascara or boldly dabbing your orbital bone and temples with a shock of sheer red lipstick as a highlight.


2Match your eye shadow to your dress

Go full-on monochrome for a visually appealing way to enhance your outfit. Yellow is already a whimsical option when it comes to fashion, and it’s even more playful and unexpected for makeup.

3Go beyond the usual black cat eye

Forget your usual thin black liner. Take a new approach, and try a geometric swatch of teal across the lids for something high impact and graphic.

4Consider mismatching a good thing

Who says your eye makeup has to be perfectly symmetrical, let alone matching? For an unapologetically audacious look, brush a vivid color across one eyelid and an equally bright color across the other.

5Contrast your lips with your outfit

If you’re not feeling matchy-matchy, try juxtaposing the color of your makeup with that of your ensemble. Wearing light-wash denim? Matte orange lipstick lends visual opposition.