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Laced Eye Makeup Technique and Art

Have you ever wondered as how girls indulge in perfect eye makeup art without any professional training or expertise whatsoever? I am sharing a fantastic laced eye makeup tutorial that will show you how to use lace in the makeup.

The step by step guide is all here to teach you how a simple piece of a leftover lace can be helpful in giving your eyes a new kind of glamorous twist that will stun everybody around you.

You need to use the eye shadows during the makeup but first you need to cut the lace and fit it onto your eyes, then fill in the lace with the colors and so on. I hope you will enjoy this laced eye makeup tutorial.

Important steps:

  1. Always cover the upper and lower eye lids with some base first.
  2. Give your eyebrows a dark appearance/impression by applying a black pencil on them.Try to keep application within the shape and contour of the brows for perfection.
  3. Cut a piece of lace from the cloth after taking measurement of the upper eye lid. You need to leave a bit space between crease and brow area.
  4. Use small piece of lace for the application.
  5. The eyeliner lines should be drawn first on the upper lid because the second step would be using the eye shades.
  6. Now place the pierce on the eyes and place three to four colors eye shadows, you can use different shades than purple and pink.
  7. Now apply your eyeliner and make some random lines in between vertical drawings to make the connection.
  8. Apply the line on the lower eyelid and then fill in with the red liner.
  9. Wear faux lashes to complete your makeup.
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Since this eye makeup with lace requires a lot of practice you needn’t apply anything straightly it may make a big mess, alternatively you need to begin with small shades, ideally powdered, to get some experience. The process is simple though you must learn how to use the lace correctly without making any kind of mistake, for you should do some mock up practices.

Though no glitter has been used in the process above, but you can use some colors on the crease or on the corner of the eyes if you wish to. It all depends on the theme of the event you intend to attend or the purpose of the eye makeup itself.  Pick the right color for the right event and of course they must compliment your outfit as well or else your makeup will look clumsy.

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