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Honey Color Contact Lenses You Will Love It

When it comes to honey color contact lenses, going for a more natural look is best. Due to the yellowish hues, most opaque honey contact lenses look un-natural. Because of this, good companies are crucial when selecting your honey color contact lens. For the best choice, consider your eye color as well as the lens’s prescription options, when purchasing.

Light Colored Eyes

Lighter eye colors need honey color contact lenses with lighter rims to blend better. The outer rim of the lens shouldn’t be pure black or it will contrast too sharply with your light eye color. Geo Honey lenses are recommended. Aside from having prescription options, they work well with lighter eyes, due to having a lighter colored inner and outer rim. The outer rim is a dazzling light brown. The inner rim is slightly dark but overall gives lighter colored eyes, a lovely honey natural hue, for everyday and work setting. The darker inner rim makes it suitable for darker eye colors as well.

In darker color you never find  single shade, there is always dark outline to the contact otherwise it would look opaque and translucent. Here is an example with little honey color near the pupil and green in the middle and dark green near the outline.

This is almost the same lenses with more green to it.

These lenses have some grey and brown besides honey color.

They are plain honey color, you can go for these contacts if you don’t want to wear double or triple colored lenses.

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Darker Colored Eyes

For darker eyes, honey color contact lenses with a darker outer-rim work best. Just make sure your lens option has a brownish or dark inner rim to blend with your original eye color. Using a slightly translucent lens will give your eyes a more hazel tint as well. Our recommendation is Neo Glamour Honey lenses. Their lenses are well hydrated; offer prescription options and blend naturally with darker eyes. The brand is a tad pricey, so make sure to save well for it, before purchasing.

They are dark for carrying big amount of honey shade.

They are dark with green and brown.

One color with black outline.

Double honey color contact lenses.

They are glossy and moonlight honey contacts.

They are triple shade honey with grey on the outline.

Brown, honey mix with green. They have all the nice colors you can wear easily.

Pure honey color contact lenses. Love it for being brilliant.

These eyes are natural. I am sharing these for inspiration.

Choice is yours, you can pick any color but make sure it suits your complexion.

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