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Glittery Blue Eye Makeup Ideas You Should Know

When you have blue eyes you have to pick eye shadows colors very carefully because if you choose to wear a wrong color your eyes would look awkward. The glamorous eye shadows for parties days are purple, pink, green and violet but what if your heart craves for something different? Sometimes you love going blue because it’s your favorite color but the pressing question is how to do royal blue eye makeup for hazel eyes and how to make it work well.  This simple idea will help you.

The use of two different shades will make your eyes look wonderful. You need one light color of blue as per the rule, the crease should be highlighted with the dark one, the combination of light and dark will enhance the eye structure as well as the color of the eyes.

Enjoy this idea based on royal blue eye makeup for hazel eyes, you can imply the same rule if you have brown or light brown eyes, the eyes with hint of honey color can also be adorned the same way

What to do in glittery blue eye makeup

Mixing and more mixing of the shades together along with the violet and black shade.

The downtime of any blue color application is that it can lead a swollen eye effect easily- this should be blamed on the boldness of the shade itself because it’s just like pink or purple but is rather dark in effect.

You can do the following steps before using the color:

  1. Use a base coat for the eye makeup, for instance some liquid eye base that can stay in place for a long time. The better complexion of the skin will improve the beauty of the color itself.
  2. Use black on the corners always by mixing it with 3/4 of the violet color to create edginess.
  3. Always wear faux lashes as whenever you wear darker shades.
  4. Use maroon or brown outside the crease to lessen the effect of one color only.
  5. Use some shimmer near the brow line to complete the eye makeup.
  6. Last but not the least apply some mascara on the lower lashes and draw a line on the upper lid to create a smokey effect in the makeup
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