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Why fans think Sophie Turner’s glamorous BAFTAs look is a “Game of Thrones” spoiler

For fans of HBO’s colossal hit Game of Thrones, any and everything — like Sophie Turner’s dress, for example — can be read as a clue.

So when Turner showed up to the 2017 BAFTA Awards Sunday night looking like the Queen in the North we all know she truly is and always shall be, Vanity Fair noticed that the fandom was talking — not about, say, her blonde locks, as Game of Thrones fans are probably tired of talking about hair after Kit Harington Hair Watch 2016.

Instead, they noticed bruises on her svelte legs — bruises shown off by the sky-high slit in her Louis Vuitton gown — and surmised that Sansa would be having a stunt-heavy season.

However, as VF’s Joanna Robinson pointed out, these bruises might not be from filming Thrones at all. Turner spent last weekend in Houston at the Super Bowl and has also been in and out of London and Los Angeles for events like the Golden Globes and BAFTAs, while there’s been virtually no evidence that she’s been near the Thrones set in months. (Unlike, say, Emilia Clarke, who wrapped up Season 7 just last week.)

Additionally, Turner confirmed this weekend that she’s set to return as Jean Grey in the next X-Men movie, X-Men: Supernova, but has “a couple of movies” — her IMDB page lists Berlin, I Love You and Huntsville — “to do before X-Men starts.”

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“And then we go on to Season 8 [of Thrones],” she concluded.

So sorry, Thrones fans — we cannot use Turner’s bruises as proof that Sansa will, say, ride a dragon into war with the White Walkers (or fight Littlefinger?) when Season 7 premieres next summer. But at the very least, didn’t she just kinda-sorta tell us she’ll be back for Season 8?

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