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Noneillah Bold Political Fashion Statement Collection

Naomi Johnson– the woman behind fashions most famous deadly bus drivers killing pedestrian article college garments–, reveals her guide to raising consciousness through clothing. Along with discusses the vital importance of shining the light on the rising death rate caused by Coach USA and NJ Transit dangerous bus drivers’ behavior. Also, with the in-depth corruption and cover-up with the Essex County Prosecutor Vehicular Homicide Prosecutor Detective. Naomi said that too many people life has been assassinated in vain by these hired demons on wheels and covered up by the police/prosecutor office.


Noneillah’s Articles Collages Design reveals the astronomical of people killed by NJ Transit and Coach USA deadly bus driver like her son Deshon Johnson…making a political statement through fashion. Following the Essex County Vehicular Homicide Prosecutor cover-up with thousands hurt and killed by Transit.


Fashion Designer Naomi has produced a tee shirt, pants, pencil skirts, bodycon dresses, hoodies and sneakers to raise funds for raising awareness campaign and build a memorial for all lives killed in vain by this corrupted transportation companies. Moreover, the cover-up by the Justice System worldwide.  Naomi designed the line to raise awareness and show the unliving loved ones that someone out here is paying homage to their family member who was murder in vain. Also, to show the family members that their deceased loved one’s earthly existence were and still is valuable to be acknowledged.


These incident in New Jersey and New York are the worst seen in recent times but should be used to highlight the issues with clothing. Noneillah’s graphic reveals the high death rate and corruption of Deshon’s murder case by the bus companies’ lawyers and the prosecutors/police.


When wearing this collection, it allows everyone to state their feelings about political, social and ethical situations in the world today. These pedestrians being killed by the so call professional bus drivers are a serious issue that needs to be addressed not ignored as if it is not happing. The bus companies and police/prosecutors create a diversion by blaming the victims for their death to take the blame off the bus driver.


Naomi believes that this type of killing is an act of genocide of human life and an inhumane act of injustice towards the victims. The Noneillah Political Fashion Statement is the voice for innocent people killed by these hired demons on wheels which should be behind the jail bars. She shares with us as tears cascading down her cheeks that the bus driver had run over her son twice while he was at the front door knocking to enter on the bus then dragged a distance. She, also stated that her only child did not deserve to die horrifically like the way he did.


The designer will like everyone to partake in this campaign by wearing the collection. She stated that if people who wear the political fashion clothing will be a way for everyone to voice their concerns, get their point across and make a statement.


If you take a look at some of Noneillah’s political outfits, you will see that Naomi is letting the clothing do the talking. It is no longer acceptable for the bus companies to shut their eyes to what is going on in New Jersey and other states. She believes a real change needs to happen and the bus drivers need to take responsibility for their actions. She also thinks if the bus drivers have to pay for their attorney fees out of their pockets that this killing will stop. Alongside, with getting fired with no pay, jail time and community service duties at a morgue.


Naomi was inspired to create this collection because her only child/son 22-year-old Deshon Johnson and his friend/ next door neighbor 21-year-old Christian Nobel Ross who too was killed by Coach USA/NJ Transit bus driver five months and 26 days apart for one of another in different towns. Sadly, to say, both of these young lives were killed in vain, and their bus drivers walked away free from their death. Along with the mishandling of their case by the Essex County Vehicular Homicide Prosecutor. So, Naomi, use her son’s Noneillah collection as a platform to expose the corruption through clothing. Naomi believes if you’re ready to announce something; why not express your point of view on your clothes. So, if the message is powerful, it’ll speak for itself.


Photo credits

Don Pittman and Curtis Taitt 

The Models credits are 
Deshon Johnson, Marie Shayne Lao, Frederick Ramirez and Keanna Byrant
Noneillah Fashion Designer Naomi Johnson




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