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Night Time Smokey Eye Makeup to Rock Any Occasion

Are you a party buff who loves dabbling with makeup? One way to make you stand out in the crowd is to draw some sultry strokes, specifically on the eye. Undoubtedly, smokey eye makeup leads the trend! Club your dewy skin and the bold dramatic effect of smokey makeup – you are sure to make heads turn and soar the already soaring summer temperature! Thus without wasting time, let’s get down to the business of getting some smoky eyes makeup styles up your sleeve!

How To Do Smokey Makeup: DIY

Smokey Makeup

Classic Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial

This is the classic and standard night smokey eye makeup demonstrated by the esteemed beauty artist Maryam Maquillage which lends you a terrific femme fatale look. The Lancome all-in-one 5 shadow and linear palette used here with plenty of black, is superbly pigmented and consistent to lend a smooth velvety finish. Pair this sultry and sensuous smokey eye with various lipstick shades preferable of red and pink and rock any of your Friday night parties or other wild or romantic night outs!

Dramatic Smoky Eyes Makeup Tutorial

This smokey eye tutorial by Lea Michele lends your eye a very clean, dramatic as well as beautiful finish. With the balancing understated makeup, the final vibe is extremely glamorous and alluring without looking over flamboyant. You can easily adorn this eye-catching makeup on any of your night outs.

Gold And Black Smokey Eye Makeup

This year gold is a very popular metallic color seen in almost every makeup item. To help you remain trendy, we have both glittery and the halo smokey eye makeup for you. Giving you a very edgy and glamorous look, this smokey eye is perfect for any party of a festive occasion. Pamper your fantasy to be that gold digger and be the ultimate taker of all those seductive stares with this sultry and mesmerizing smokey eye. Try injecting bright colors like green or yellow or even purple in place of black and feel your entire personality taking a dramatic turn! For the day time, go for all gold smokey eye to add that extra edge to your day look!

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Silver And Black Smokey Eye Tutorial

For those of you, who are looking for a slightly understated look, opt for the silver and black smokey eye. It not only looks extremely sensual and glamorous at night but can also be easily pulled off during the day! The color looks beautiful on almost all skin shades and oozes a suave vibe!

Purple And Black Smokey Eye Tutorial

If you belong to the bold and the rebel bracket, try adorning the purple smokey eye! Whether on a holiday or a dancing club, the look is quite edgy and looks extremely beautiful. Try experimenting with various shades of purple to know what works best for you! To get a little out of your comfort zone, try replacing black with bright blue and watch your makeup transcend to an altogether different plane! Believe me! This look is definitely not for the faint-hearted!

How To Do a Smokey Eye With Miscellaneous Shades

By now you might have mastered the basic steps of how to do a smokey eye makeup. Using the same technique you can just combine two colors and create that extremely beautiful and dramatic look. You can make it go as over the top as you like for a festive occasion or downplay it for a casual night out. We have compiled a few color combinations to sow plenty of adventurous ideas in your mind. Check it out!

The Green Smokey Eye


Grey And Blue Smokey Eye


Rainbow Smokey Eye



Smokey Pink Eye Makeup



Some Tips For Fabulous Smokey Eye Makeup

Smokey eyes are undoubtedly a sexy, fun filled and attention grabbing eye-makeup. The right tools and application techniques along with proper palette of color shades is crucial to getting the makeup picture perfect! However it also carries the biggest risk of getting all smudged and looking extremely inappropriate. The below mentioned tips should be set in your mind to eliminate the risks almost completely!
It’s best to always do your eye makeup first and then give your entire face a finished and polished look! This helps you eliminate any smudging or shadow fallout and use lipstick blushes etc. that complement the eye-makeup.

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Always use a primer beneath to make the makeup last longer and prevent any creasing.

For smokey eye, it is imperative to have a good gradient of colors so that you have varied choices to get the look bang on!

Eyeliners are like the killer heels for your smokey eye. Never miss on them!

Blending is the key for a suave smokey eye. Nothing works better than a fluffy brush! Remember to gently wipe away the brush on your hand probably to remove color before you blend new section.
Your brows should always be perfectly made before doing the smokey eye makeup!

Now that you have become an expert, do let us know how it went for you. Did you get your own signature smokey eyes?


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