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Fashion Trend 2021 Is Here at Seattleglam

“After the plague came the Renaissance.” I’m sure you’ve heard this phrase more times than you can count during the dark year that was 2020. Oh, we’ve been through it. We’ve suffered enough. Now it’s time for the Renaissance!

2021 is a year of renewed hope and optimism for a lot of people, and colorful fashion styles are right there with us, ready to lead us to this bright new world. Warm and comforting, yet professional and classic looks seem to step into this coming season.

Comfortable yet stylish is the trend this year, like oversized jackets, pastel-tone bodysuits, and folk-inspired coats. Not only limited to apparel but also accessories. Knee-high boots, head scarfs, bralettes, and yellow bags seem to make their appearance to the audience. Make sure to check out the 2021 trend colors: black and white, vibrant colors like illuminating yellow, burnt orange, fiery red, pink cosmos, and pastel-toned colors like sky blue and gossamer green, and chamomile.

At Seattleglam, we are dedicated to bringing trending women’s fashion approachable to you. From local to worldwide, Seattleglam gathers the trending apparel and accessories from designers where you can fill your wardrobe with lovingly precious pieces. Let’s go and burst into the warm weather wearing your favorite apparel that signifies that they have come through stronger on the other side.