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Blue Eyes: Some Makeup Tips You Need To Know

If you’re naturally gifted with this majestic color, show off your eyes with the following makeup tips for blue eyes. Many women are not very happy for having pearly blue eyes for the fact that it’s difficult to use all eye shadows from the palette due to ‘blue tint of the eyes.’ You cannot use blue for blue, you should avoid applying dark purple it would make you appear like a party girl, the brown will put off the elegance of the eyes and so on. You must follow some smart makeup tips for blue eyes in order to look your best. Come on girls, stop complaining others that makeup is not fun due to blue eyes, it could be if you learn how to do it without using overbold shades.


Purple eyeliner is a great way to draw attention to blue eyes. Since purple is a mixture of blue and red, its undertones draw attention to your blue eyes. Good alternatives are brown and glittery gold eyeliners since they are complementary to blue. Use darker tones to give a more natural look. Adding white to your waterline will also brighten your blue peepers.


As a general makeup tip for blue eyes, avoid blue or black mascara. Alternate between grey and brown mascara for a daily look.  Use Purples, Plums, Pinks and violets for a dazzling evening look. Dark shimmery olive greens and grass greens will work well for a fantasy high fashion look. And finally golden browns will look beautiful for a summer look after applying that fake tan.

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You can mix any color of choice depending what works best for you.

Eye Shadow
Follow the following eye shadow makeup tips for blue eyes. To play with complementary colors, use orange eye shadow. Opt for more subtle orange tones like copper, peach and coral. For cooler tones, try pale blue, purple hues or a midnight blue shades depending to brighten your blue eyes. Going natural and applying neutral colors is also best; the browns will complement your blue eyes beautifully and deepen their intensity. Consider using white, grey, khaki, chocolate brown and camel shadows for neutral tones. Last but not ease using bronze eye shadow is best suited for evening looks.

Blush or Bronzer

Blue eyed people usually have lighter skin tones, so using blush is preferred, as bronzer will contrast too sharply with fair skin.If you like pink, here is the example how to use it correctly.

Don’t forget that neutral pink is always good on eyes.

Lip Color

Going for pink and rosy lipsticks will best suit your blue eyes. They will look best in everyday and office settings. For evening looks, use red lipstick instead. Don’t forget to use lip liner for definition.

Pink is always the best no matter whether it is glossy or matte.

The lip color is subtle, bit brownish in tint.

One of many best makeup tips for blue eyes is use of neutral, bronze and bronze colors in terms of lipsticks/blusher and eyes shadows. The brighter should be used for special occasions only.