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Swimsuit models dazzle catwalk in bikinis made of tape

Miami swimsuit models redefined “sex tape” when they steamed up the Miami Swim Week runway in risqué bikinis composed entirely of different types of adhesive.

The sticky swimwear was the brainchild of the Black Tape Project founder, Joel Alvarez, who uses a smorgasbord of different adhesives to create swanky yet Spartan beach attire.

The so-called King Of Tape premiered his latest line of eccentric swimwear at the Faena Forum in Miami Beach on Saturday night, dazzling audiences with his MacGyver-esque designs, the Daily Mail reported.

Some of the more minimalist bikinis entailed placing a few pieces of electrical tape over the model’s nether regions, similar to live-action censor bars. Meanwhile, other glamour gals strutted down the catwalk festooned in elaborate mosaics of multicolored, mirrored and metallic adhesive, acting as clothing and accessories from halter tops to bracelets.

One of Joel Alvarez’s more Spartan swimsuits, which consists of several strips of black electrical tape.
Getty Images for Art Hearts Fash

In lieu of a bikini bottom, one model had diamond “scales” bedazzling her bare derrière, evoking what Ariel in “The Little Mermaid” might’ve looked like midway through morphing into a human.

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In order to prevent discomfort — and perhaps an inadvertent bikini wax upon removal — Alvarez claims he uses “only skin-safe artistic body tape” in his clingy couture.

One of the more risqué creations on display at the Black Tape Project show.
Getty Images for Art Hearts Fash

Per the Black Tape Project’s website, the unconventional patterns were inspired by an encounter the designer had while working as a rookie fashion photographer in 2008. The budding designer was reportedly working with a model who “suggested I use electrical tape on her for the last look,” he said.

While Alvarez initially had no idea why she’d want to do this, he decided to oblige by wrapping her in black electrical tape, he recounted of his maiden bikini design.

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This “butt diamond” is composed of only four strips of tape.
Getty Images for Art Hearts Fash

“Mind you, she looked like two Christmas hams wrapped in rubber bands when I was done!” mused the fashionista, who currently boasts over 530,000 followers on Instagram.

Models walk the runway at the BLACK TAPE PROJECT Show during Miami Swim Week Powered By Art Hearts Fashion at Faena Forum on July 11, 2021 in Miami Beach, Florida.
Getty Images for Art Hearts Fash

Fast forward a few years and it appeared that Black Tape was sticking around. By 2012, the tape maven began selling his “creative services to local night clubs in Miami” and now showcases his designs at venues across the globe, per the fashion firm’s website.


The tape rolls run from $9.99 for plain black tape to $29.99 for other colors.
Getty Images for Art Hearts Fash

“The venues I would be working at would post pics of the models I taped for the night, which then resulted in other venues calling for rates,” wrote Alvarez, adding that before he knew it, he “was flying all over the place to places like Ibiza, Norway and Canada.”

Meanwhile, a video from the company of the former Miss Puerto Rico decked out in Alvarez’s gold tape at a charity event in Haiti currently has more than 7 million views on Facebook.

The intricate designs come in colorful tape, too.
Getty Images for Art Hearts Fash

Those who want to try out the designs at home can buy the rolls of adhesive on the Black Tape Project’s website, where they run from $9.99 for black body tape to $29.99 for other colors.

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