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6 Things to Consider When Wedding Dress Shopping

In a survey by jeweller Vashi Dominguez, as reported in Glamour magazine, 80 percent of brides said they had some regrets about their wedding day, and most cited their dress as the reason. In fact, nearly a third said that after looking at their wedding photos, they would have exchanged their gown for another.

To help ensure you won’t have similar regrets, consider these things when wedding dress shopping.

Shop With Your Price Range in Mind and Stick To It

Experts advise spending approximately 10 percent of your total wedding budget on the dress. If the dress is the most important part of the ceremony to you, more than the music or flowers, for example, scale back on spending elsewhere and increase the budget for your dress. On the opposite end of the spectrum, if your honeymoon, photography or a great band is a top priority, go easy on the spending for your gown. The key is to set a price range and stick to it when shopping to avoid disappointment. Don’t try on dresses you know you can’t afford.

Allow Plenty of Time to Find the Right Dress

Give yourself at least six months before the wedding to find your dress – if possible, a year is even better so you won’t be rushed and end up making a poor decision. It’s even more important if you plan to have your gown made as a designer needs four or five months just to make it and after that you’ll need several fittings.

Do Some Homework First and Bring Photos With You

Before you go shopping, it’s best to at least have an idea as to what you want. Search online, such as Pinterest boards and the like, and pull pages from bridal magazines to get a sense of the styles you prefer. Put together a folder where you can keep any tear outs, fabric samples, etc. If there are certain designers and bridal salons that stand out you might want to follow them on social media to learn about sales and other styles they have.

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Know the Styles That Will Flatter You the Most

Finding the right dress will be much easier if you know which styles flatter your body type the most. For example, if you’re a petite-size woman, you’ll want to look at petite wedding dresses in a Mermaid style which flatters many different body shapes, or perhaps a simple A-line or sheath-style, but avoid voluminous gowns like a ball gown that can swallow you up.

Make Appointments and Provide Details To Help the Salon Pinpoint Your ‘Perfect’ Dress

If possible, schedule your bridal salon appointments all in one day or over a weekend so that every dress you try on will be fresh in your mind, allowing you to easily compare them. When doing so, give the salon an idea of what you like to make it easier for them to find gowns that will be perfect for you when you arrive. Keep in mind that while some salons may carry your favorite designers, they’ll probably only have a select number of dresses. Ask them if they have your favorite style in the shop, and if not, perhaps they can order a sample.

Make the Most of Your Time with a Willingness to Commit

Don’t go into each salon assuming you’ll be walking out empty-handed, trying on gown after gown with the idea that you have to have the “perfect” moment where the stars, moon and sun are all aligned just right. Open yourself to the possibility that you will find that ideal dress, making the most of each appointment to avoid wasted time and frustration with a willingness to focus and commit.