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Can I wear colored contacts over prescription contacts

No, you can’t wear colored contact lenses over the regular contact lenses. The two kinds of contact lenses can not fit well which will affect your vision. What’s more, the inner contacts lenses will not get enough water to keep them wet; they will dry out which may hurt your eyes. Your eyes can also be hurt by the lack of oxygen because the coverage makes the lenses so thick to get oxygen. so don’t do that, it’s dangerous. You can get a pair of prescription colored lenses.

You cannot wear colored contact lenses over your regular contact lenses. The colored contact lenses you want to wear are even not wearable because the lenses stick to your eyes like suction cup, so the colored lenses cannot stay. Supposed that you wear two pair of contact lenses at the same time, you can hardly blink your eyes. The circumference of the contact lenses will also cut the insides of your eyelids. Above all, if you do this, you will definitely hurt your eyes. If you want to look good, you can consult your doctor or optician to get colored prescript contact lenses.

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