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Woman’s tragic note after ex-boyfriend posted revenge porn

A police officer is fighting for her life following a suicide attempt after her ex-boyfriend released revenge porn videos of her online, her family says.

The shocking incident occurred in the city of Bragado, Argentina, where local police woman and mother-of-two Belen San Roman, 26, attempted to take her own life on December 1.

Ms San Roman left a note saying goodbye to her kids and apologising to her family.

She included the password to her mobile phone apparently hoping to lead the authorities to her ex-boyfriend who has since been detained.

According to local media, Ms San Roman was a victim of revenge porn after the suspect, who has not been named, released intimate pictures and videos on social media which quickly spread.

Belen San Roman attempted to take her own life after her ex posted revenge porn. Source: Newsflash/Australscope

The revenge porn incident led to an investigation by Internal Affairs, however, there have been no official reports on whether she was going to be sanctioned for the leaking of the sensitive material.

She remains in critical condition and is being kept at an ICU in the San Luis Municipal Hospital where she also underwent surgery after her body was found by colleagues.

The victim’s family said they believe Ms San Roman’s alleged attempted suicide was because of the released footage and the subsequent investigation by Internal Affairs.

It is unclear if the ex-boyfriend has been formally charged with anything or if the authorities plan to seek a conviction.

Belen San Roman remains in a critical condition. Source: Newsflash/Australscope

Revenge porn was included in the Argentine Penal Code some years ago. If someone is found guilty of illegally sharing sensitive material without consent, they can be sent to prison for between six months and two years.


However, the sentence can go up to between one and three years if aggravating circumstances exist such as if the suspect is found to have been dating the victim or if it was done for financial gain.


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