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Kelsy Karter gets huge Harry Styles face tattoo in honor of his birthday

The New Zealand-born singer, 24, posted a photo of her freshly needled Harry Styles tattoo on Twitter and Instagram Sunday with the following parental advisory: “Mama, look what I made me do.”

LA-based tattoo artist Romeo Lacoste is taking credit for Karter’s extreme about-face. Her 44,000-plus Insta followers suspect it was based off a promotional shot from the former One Direction frontman’s self-titled 2017 album, which features Styles in a soaking wet, baby blue velvet suit.

I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised by Karter’s skin-deep devotion: After all, she previously tweeted, “Finally know what I’m getting Harry for his birthday.” (The baby-faced superstar turns 25 on February 1.)

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Karter’s Styles-stalking is well documented. In a 2018 i-D magazine profile, she declared herself a “female version” of him and boasted, “I really want to work with him. Let’s work, Harry. Where you at? Mark my words: I’m getting a song on his album.”

While it’s unclear if these two have even met, Karter’s team tells The Post her just-dropped new single is “aimed directly at a special man in her life.”

The guitar-driven track titled “Harry” — in which she threatens to make him breakfast and love — is co-written with Anthony Rossomando, who won a Golden Globe and is Oscar-nominated for his work on “Shallow” from ”A Star Is Born,” and producer Tony Esterly. (Hey, at least her punchy plea for a temporary restraining order comes with a primo pedigree.)

“The song says it all, doesn’t it?,” the daughter of jazz musicians tells Billboard. “It’s just my ode to him, I guess. I think he’s amazing and, come on, he’s like the best person on the planet.”


Still, some fans are now speculating Karter’s cheeky stunt is an elaborate hoax — little more than a viral attention grab for the fledgling pop star’s new music.

And speaking of temporary: Fake or not, does that tat even look like Harry Styles?


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