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Glow In The Dark Contacts: Eerie Magic Under The Lights

Glow in the dark contacts are a great way to create very eerie magic under the lights. You can wow your friends at Halloween, wear them for vampire gatherings or wild fairy festivals. It only takes one pair to make an amazing change in your appearance, but once you try them you’re sure to want more. Just take a look at what you can do with a pair.

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Glow In The Dark Contact Colors

When it’s time to enhance your eyes for a fantasy makeup look you’ve got some fantastic options. Wild colors that light up your look in red, blue, violet and green are just a few. Choose a pair that either coordinates with your outfit and makeup or select one on the opposite end of the color scale. Here are great color selections for glow in the dark contacts that will make your friends totally jealous. Go ahead and get colorful under the lights. You can wear these with regular vision or go all out and get a prescription pair.

    • Funky Eyes Violet UV Contact Lenses by ColorLens4Less.com – Do you love the color of violet eyes? Well, now you can take your quest for the richest eye color it to a whole new level. Enter the wild world of glow in the dark violet contact lenses. These lenses are sure to create a sensation. Not only will they brighten your eyes during the day but when the UV light switch gets flicked on your eyes can be see across the room. Just $27.82 to create the magic.
    • Funky Green UV Contact Lenses by ColorLens4Less.com – Green is one of the most magical colors and these novelty contact lenses create instant mystery. The glow is sensational. They even work on brown eyes. Step under UV light and you might just think you have alien genetics! You can extend your stay on earth by parting with only $20.72 for the pair. Now, that’s amazing.
    • Glow Red by ColorLens4Less.com – Fantastic red glow. Just looking at someone wearing them is enough to take your breath away. This color in particular is fabulous for Halloween parties, midnight vampire feasts, or wearing for fall festivals of any type. Pair them up with wild painted on body art or use them to add that sensational pop to any costume. Dare we say the devil is lurking out there? One red hot pair is just $44.99
  • Rave-Neon Blue by ColorLens4Less.com – Do you have bad vision but the only contacts you can get a BORING? Well watch out. This company requires that you have a prescription. So put those contacts away and order up a new pair and the next time you go out surprise your friends when you enter a room with black light. Cheaper than most prescription contacts at $34.99 a pair.

Tips For Choosing Crazy Contacts

Are you wondering how to combine the above glow in the dark contacts with your total look? The first suggestion for violet contact lenses is perfect for wearing with fairy makeup. You can create leaves and vines going outward from your eyes. They also work well for pretty vampire makeup looks.


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Green contacts aren’t just for aliens, they’re also for enchanted forest fairy makeup looks. They work for mermaid makeup and even elfs. They work for bright fashion makeup, too.

Red contacts can look sensational especially when they’re bright and the selection above works for a number of looks. Imagine doing a fairy makeup look with face painting cheek art. These would go really well with just one flower painted on your cheek with makeup.

If you’re having a difficult time deciding you might just want to opt for neon blue contacts. They work for just about any type of look. They’re wild and mysterious!

When you pop in a pair of glow in the dark contacts there’s one thing you can be sure of, they’ll create a sensation. It’s always fun to do something unique and different and any of the above selections are sure to elicit a response.