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Move Over, Skinny Jeans—This New Denim Trend Is Better Than All the Rest

There’s a new denim trend circulating the sartorial world, and if you ask us, it’s worth ditching your skinny jeans for. We’re not here to rag on all of your denim choices up until this point in your life, but we are here to encourage you to step outside your comfort zone and embrace this new denim craze that has us completely starstruck: color-block denim. This new style follows the tried-and-true tale of a bubbling trend. We’ve spotted it on buzzing influencers, discovered new brands creating it, and are now just starting to see it stock the pages of every major retailer. If we didn’t know better (which we do), we’d say this 2019 denim trend is about to take over.

The styles we’ve seen so far are eye-catching, to say the least, coming in colorways as loud as pink and purple and as muted as two contrasting denim washes of the same color family. Two-tones have been spotted gracing the back pockets of straight-leg jeans, the waistband of cropped flares, and the opposing pant leg of boot cuts. The natural eye-catching nature of this new denim trend makes us wonder what we ever really saw in plain skinny jeans in the first place. Versatility? Yes. Timelessness? Yes. Comfort? Yes. Okay, so skinny jeans aren’t that bad. We just really want you to test out two-tone denim because it’s fun, and everyone could use a bit of fun this year.

Below, check out this denim trend spotted on Instagram and shop our favorite versions for yourself.

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RELATED:  Denim ‘diapers’ are now a thing