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The 4 Week Schedule That Prepares You For Your Cosmetic Surgery

If you’re thinking of having some very invasive plastic surgery whether that be any type of implant, rhinoplasty or anything that requires a lengthy recovery, you’ll be wondering what to expect. 

Here is a thorough timeline of your build up to plastic surgery. Of course, this could change depending on how big or small your surgery is, or your surgeon, but the timeline should prepare you for the experience. 


●      4 weeks before surgery

  • Many plastic surgeons will require you have a physical carried out by your general practitioner or physician. The surgeon will want to look at the results of the physical.

●      3 weeks before surgery

  • Begin preparing your recovery space and collect together movies and books to read, invest in streaming services or organize some knitting you can do etc.
  • Work out which foods in your diet contain salicylates and start avoiding these
  • Make sure your cupboards, fridge and freezer are stocked with enough protein-based foods, fruit and vegetables
  • Consult with your practitioner about medication you may be on
  • Stop drinking and smoking

●      2 weeks before surgery

  • Stop taking any anticoagulants you may be on
  • Stop taking any anti-inflammatory medications you are taking for arthritis, but remember to consult your general practitioner beforehand
  • Speak with your doctor about herbal supplements you may be taking to find out if there are any problem areas
  • Stop taking large doses of Vitamin. Although the amount in multivitamins is okay, you should avoid pills that solely contain Vitamin E
  • Begin taking any specific vitamins or multivitamins on a daily basis as recommended by your plastic surgeon. You’ll find that you’re normally advised to take Bromelain, Vitamin C and Vitamin A twice a day
  • Look at the medication you are on again, as many that were acceptable last week might not be now or in the weeks to come. Have another discussion about this with your plastic surgeon

●      1 week before surgery

  • Rest lots and make sure you are getting enough nutrition
  • Complete all necessary work on your recovery zone
  • Make sure you have a friend or relative to take you to and from wherever you’re having your surgery
  • Make sure you have your prescriptions sorted as you will not to have to do this post-surgery
  • Drink plenty of liquids, especially water
  • Eat plenty of high-protein meals, nuts, vegetables and fruit
  • Limit the amount of salt you have a day, 1,200 to 1,500mg a day is ideal.

●      2 days before surgery

  • Make arrangements for any pets you have to be walked while you recover
  • Move all essential items from shelving to places that will be easier to reach. During the first couple of weeks or recovery you will want to avoid as much stretching as possible
  • This is the perfect time to use any old pjs you may have since it is likely there will be oozing to some degree from the sites of the surgical incisions
  • Make sure your recovery zone has everything you need, including pharmacy and surgeon contact information, pillows, medicine, water and other acceptable drinks, bacitracin, peroxide, gauze and reading materials
  • Make sure you have someone who can take you to and from the surgery
  • Continue to take Bromelain at 12 hour intervals, as directed by your surgeon
  • Start taking Arnica Montana at 8 hour intervals every day for 10 days, as recommended by your surgeon

●      Day before surgery

  • Check again that the person who is going to give you a ride to and from the surgery is definitely available
  • Do not eat or drink anything after 12 on the night before your surgery
  • Make sure you get a good sleep

Hopefully this timeline has thoroughly answered any questions you had before committing to plastic surgery. Preparation can be quite long and thorough, but following the steps will make sure your results are worth it.

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