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Where to Get a Free Trial Pair of Contacts Lenses ?

Contact lenses are expensive, and before you commit to buying an annual supply of contact lenses, it is important to try them first and see whether you like them or not. This is beneficial if you are looking to start wearing contact lenses or are switching from another brand. Manufacturers market their products by allowing consumers to try their line of contact lenses before buying. Free trial pairs of contact lenses are widely available, and you can even avail of free trial pairs of colored contacts.

Doctor’s Office

  • Manufacturers send optometrists contact lens products that they can recommend to their patients before prescribing them. Most doctors gauge the compatibility of contact lenses with an individual by offering several trial pairs of lenses. Even if you are a long-time contact lens wearer or just want to experiment with colored contacts, ask your doctor about a free trial pair of contact lenses that you want to try. Optometrists will usually let you keep a trial pair of contact lenses to help you decide if contact lenses are right for you.

Manufacturer’s Website

    • Some contact lens manufacturers know how important it is for consumers to try contact lenses first before buying a couple of boxes worth. They offer free trial pairs of contact lenses through coupons on their websites, which you can give to your optometrist to request a certain line and product. Johnson & Johnson is known to offer free trials of its contact lens products, especially the Acuvue lines.

Contact Lens Retailers

  • Some contact lens retailers online, such as colorlens4less.com, may partner with a company that is launching a new product, and may offer free trial pairs and discounts on these new products. Discount retailers  may offer free trial pairs as well. AllAboutVision is a great resource for eye care and contact lens information, and the website also has listings of contact lens brands that offer free trial pairs.


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