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Red Halloween Colored Contacts For Your Halloween Costume

Want your costume to look real and scary? Then you need to change your eyes and, luckily for you, costume contact lenses are now available for anybody, not just movie stars. You can get real red vampire contacts, but there are some things you should be aware of, before you go and buy your red vampire eyes.

What are vampire color contacts?

Red contact lenses that give you the effect of vampire eyes are one of the many color contact lenses on the market. Many people wear color contacts like Freshlook Colorblends every day to change their natural eye color and to brighten their appearance. But costume contacts for Halloween are more extreme color lenses. They come in every color and pattern you can imagine, like black out lenses, zombie, spiral, cat or werewolf eyes. And hot red vampire lenses are the most popular of them all.

Vampire contacts are painted red, so even though you can see through them, they completely cover your natural eye color turning you into a red eyed monster. The reason you can see through them is because they are clear in the middle, where your iris is, but that doesn’t spoil the effect of bright vampire eyes.

Who makes the best vampire contacts?

There are two main brands of costume contacts – Wild Eyes by Ciba Vision and Crazy Lenses by Cooper Vision. Most companies have been making color lenses for years and you can be sure that their products look great and are safe for your eyes. Another option is Clearly Vampire Red lenses – they are slightly cheaper, but just as spectacular.

You can also find many custom made vampire theatrical contacts, but they are more expensive than the mass produced ones.

What if I need vision correction?

Most costume contacts come as prescription lenses as well as plano (no vision correction). So if your eyes are not perfect, just make sure to get a prescription from your doctor and order the lenses that suit your eyes

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Where to buy vampire costume contacts?

In September-October scary color contacts pop out everywhere – costume shops, supermarkets, chemist shops and even gas stations. However, these aren’t the best place to buy them. Think about it – color contact lens is something you insert directly into your eye. Low quality contacts with cheap dyes can greatly damage your eyes. On the other hand, lenses by well known brands are made like a sandwich – the color layer is enclosed inside the lens and never touches your eye.

There are two safe ways to get your hot red contacts – asks your optometrist to order them for you or buy your lenses online. Getting them from the internet is cheaper, but as with everything you get online, you should be careful and make sure that the website that sells your vampire color contact lenses is a reputable one that sells genuine brand color contacts. It is best to trust a retailer that sells all types of contact lenses, rather than the site that features only Halloween products.

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