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Devil Contact Lenses, That Why You Will Like To Try This Halloween

The Devil is the daddy of evil so it isn’t surprising that many people opt to dress like him at Halloween. Just think you will have complete control over all the demons (fallen angels), vampires, goblins, you will be the king (or queen) of the underworld and not someone anyone will want to mess with.

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He has many names and depending on the religion and culture different meanings, but overall he is known as the ruler of Hell and one of the most powerful supernatural entities known to man. Lucifer is known as the dark nemesis of God, fighting for the rights over human souls by influencing them to sin and steer away from God.

We all know the Devil as the Antichrist; however this is a misconception; the Antichrist and the Devil are two different entities. The Antichrist is known for three types of evil; the human vessel for the Devil, a false Christ, but more commonly, the Antichrist is born as a human into the world and as he grows up he will understand who he is and will be evil hearted.


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In Abrahamic religions the Devil is regarded as a rebellious fallen angel that tempts humans to sin or commit evil deeds, whereas other religions believe the Devil represents a crisis of faith, individualism, free will, wisdom and enlightenment; somewhat contradictory.

The Devil was normally blamed for any wrong doings that had happened in the village or kingdom; if floods came and ruined crops either God was unpleased with them or it was the Devils doing, normally blamed on the later. The Devil was also associated with witchcraft, using these women as vessels for his evil ways.

However, in the original sense of the Roman ‘Lucifer’, was known as a “light-bringer”. It was used in literature to describe certain groups in a metaphorical way in the form of a figure quite distinct from Satan. There was no evil behind the word; if something was Lucifer the writer believed that the subject matter was a “light-bringer”.

The contacts

If you are planning on dress like the evil angel why not complete the overall effect of the costume by wearing some devil contact lenses? They will really make your Halloween outfit stand out, why not try some patterned contacts to really turn up the heat or stick to coloured contacts, stick with red or black for a truly devilish effect.

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