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Create a Bone Chilling Look With Halloween Colored Contacts

Having a spectacular and bone chilling Halloween costume can be accomplished with wearing a crazy looking eye contacts. Psychologically, people see eyes as the window to the soul. If they see your eyes and they look absolutely crazy, they will most definitely feel afraid. In the immediate past, contacts were only for natural looking eye colors. Hollywood was the only place that you ever saw anything that looked totally wild and different. However, these were just for wearing a short period of time. They were the hard contacts and were very uncomfortable to wear except for when you’re getting your picture taken. Today, you can buy them in the soft contact variety. This means that you can wear them for extended periods of time and they do not scratch your cornea.

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The market has expanded significantly with novelty contacts. You can get all kinds of crazy prints and designs embedded directly on them. Plus, they cover your old eye color completely. Although they are available in strange places like gas stations, these are typically not the durable and multi-use soft contact versions. They’re typically the kind that you use once and are the rough hard contact variety. You typically do not want to have your eyes being irritated when you are trying to wear a costume with makeup. For this reason, it pays to avoid these gas station and pawnshop contacts all together. Instead focus our own the contacts online that you know are going to work. They’re also more economical because you can use them multiple times.

Red contact lenses seem to be some of the most popular of all the choices. Part of this reason is that they are good for a variety of different looks. You can use them to look like a vicious wolf or a vampire. You can also use them for a regular costume that you want to turn into a zombie costume. Think about the cute nurse costume and that you want to recycle from a previous Halloween. If you add fake blood and red eyes, you’ll look like a zombie nurse. Psychologically, red is also a color that causes people a great deal of alarm. Freaking people out is typically what you want from their Halloween costume. Picking the right color means picking the right mood.


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One of the things that you’ll need to be aware of when you wear something like a cat eye contact is that it will affect your vision. After all, in order to get the shape of a cat eye, it will be a slit instead of a circle. That means the side of your vision will be cut off in order to make it look right. This sounds obvious, but it needs to be pointed out in case you are wearing them for work or when you drive. If you need to go to a party, you’ll need to have someone else drive. You’ll also need to be aware for your own personal safety that some people have problems when the sides of their vision is cut off. Believe it or not, you could be doing something normal in your house while wearing them and injure yourself because you are not accustomed to having the sides of your vision cut off. Otherwise, these kinds of contacts are a lot of fun and safe to use.

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