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Kris Jenner Just Transformed Into Her 36 Year Old Daughter — and It’s Creepin’ Us Out

At 61-years-old, Kris Jenner has somehow managed to morph into her daughter Kim Kardashian — and a great deal of contouring is to thank for the transformation!

The momager shared a new photo from her makeup chair, captioning the post, “Glam makeup by @makeupbyariel hair by @andrewfitzsimons #ittakesavillage” — and she could easily pass for Kim’s twin (apart from her signature pixie cut, of course).


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It also helps that the reality star has zero lines on her face, which we know is thanks to a healthy dose of injections/fillers. Kris has always been open about her plastic surgery procedures, which include breast implants and a facelift plus Botox and laser treatments.

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“I usually film it all,” she explained of her decisions to go under the knife. “I’m not shy.”

The businesswoman previously said of her boob job, “I had [it] in the ‘80s after four kids because gravity took over. It was great for about 25 years or 30, whatever it was, and then a couple of years ago, I felt like they were too big and I felt matronly and nothing fit anymore and suddenly it was like, ‘Get them out!’”

All in all, Kris has a pretty simple philosophy when it comes to plastic surgery. “You have to do what makes you feel good,” she stated. “You can’t do something because somebody else wants you to do it. Do great research on the doctor that you choose.”

As for Kim’s thoughts on the subject, the 36-year-old previously said, “I’m totally not against plastic surgery.”

The mother-of-two channeled her mom in this photoshoot by rockin’ a short, black wig. “Kris Jenner vibes,” she captioned the pic on Instagram.