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Greek Goddess Hairstyle Ideas

Are you inspired by the sensational Greek goddess hairstyle that the very beautiful Angelina Jolie once sported at an award function? Has the attractive Greek updo that Jennifer Love Hewitt flaunts regularly sent you on cloud nine? Wish to get the same done for your tresses for the upcoming prom night? Playing with your hair and pinning it up into a stunning hairstyle is just a matter of few minutes and some mind work. And once you are done, the hairstyle that you sport should speak for itself about you, your age, your personality, and your nature. So what better than a Greek goddess hairstyle can be to reveal your feminine beauty, divinity and spirituality? Give your hair a break from the modern and regular rough and skimpy look for an elegant and simple yet stylish hairdo. Browse through the lines below for a list of some varied and distinct Greek goddess hairstyle ideas.


Greek Goddess Hairstyle Ideas
Loose Hairstyles
Loose hairdos that are inspired from Greek goddess hairstyles are totally spectacular and suit all occasions, right from casual to formal. If you have long hair, you can benefit from loose hairstyles the most, as length matters a lot with such kinds of hairdos. Additionally, if you have the right amount of volume, then with some flicks here and there, you are ready to flaunt an impressive Greek goddess style. Opt for a sleek hairstyle with a hint of twist by turning the hair ends towards the outside or add soft waves to your entire hair with a round brush. While the former will give you a sophisticated look, the latter will help you look fabulous.
Braided Updo
Whether it’s the red carpet, runway, or even a wedding, braided styles are uber-cool and much in demand. But when it comes to a Greek goddess hairstyle, this braided updo works wonders revealing an elite and exclusive feel. You can either braid your entire hair or braid just a few locks. Tie your hair in a stylish classy bun such that it highlights the braid details on the side sections of your head, allowing everyone to catch a glimpse of it.
Updo With Tiara
Instead of sporting a smashing base hairdo, adding a few decorative accessories will embrace the hairstyle further. To give your hairdo a traditional Greek feel, rest a beautiful and designer tiara on your head to complement and finish off the formal look. Pick up a tiara that is beautified with rhinestones, sequins, or other precious embellishments. To further stimulate the overall look of your hairstyle, choose a tiara with the correct width and in an appropriate color.
Milkmaid Braid
If you ever spot a woman wearing her braids running along the front of her head, then assume it to be one of the traditional Greek goddess hairstyles. Begin with parting your hair in the middle and combing out the tangles. Separate the front hair into two pigtails and secure them with elastics. Work out these pigtails into single loose braids such that they easily fall against your head. After you are done with the braiding, secure the ends of the braids with elastics. Flip both the braids in the front and wrap them together over your head, just an inch away from your hairline. Insert the ends underneath each other and secure firmly with bobby pins. Complete the look by spraying some amount of hairspray. In case you have bangs, comb them towards the front before you proceed with pinning the braids together.
Half Updos
Indeed, half updos are one of the simplest and easiest Greek hairstyles to make and flaunt with finesse and elegance. Gather a couple of bobby pins and you are set to work with your hair. If you have thin and straight hair, apply some styling mousse and work your fingers through your hair. Separate the side parts of your hair and twist the lot together at the back. Secure the hair into a simple style with a pin. For the leftover hair on the side, you can either make some boho braids or make another side part and braid the hair while pinning the remaining hair to the back for a sophisticated look. If you are gifted with curly hair, pin up the sides to the back and you are ready to sport a gorgeous Greek goddess look. Accessorize and enhance your hairstyle with some jeweled pins.
So, which Greek goddess hairstyle suits your face and hair the best? Pick up one and step forward to exhibit a suave, charming, and elegant hairdo.
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