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Halloween Makeup: Teardrop Makeup Designs, Tips and Tutorials

Teardrop Makeup

Teardrops are a great makeup theme to try when wanting to go out for a special occasion, or to use in a Halloween or other theme party.

It wouldn’t seem like it, but teardrops are expressed in a wide variety of ways, including from a little touch on the side of the eye to accentuate an overall look, to a Gothic teardrop face, or even a touch of a clown … unless you’re actually going out as a clown. You could also employ a crocodile tear look.

Others will add jewel stones to create a teardrop look, using them as their primary makeup tool.

Whatever your choice, teardrops are really fun to make because they can be used to display a wide range of moods and emotions, including a more horror look if you are looking at Halloween as the motivator for the design.

It’s all related to where you’re going and why. The veratility of the teardrop theme allows for using them in many different circumstances.

Teardrop Makeup Designs

In this article we’ll look at several different ways to incorporate teardrops into a look that will be based on what type of event you’re going to.

That could mean on a date, or specific type of themed event.

You can get a bunch of teardrop makeup design ideas from the photos and teardrop makeup videos included.

Dark Teardrop Makeup

Many, but not all, of those choosing a teardrop makeup theme will include a white foundation to work from, as it nicely display the usually applied dark tears.

That wouldn’t work if you’re accentuating a pretty look to go out with, but in most other cases it works very well.

You have that is this teardrop look where the choice to work from a white foundation and very dark eye shadow creates a very distinctive look. Also interesting is the use of red blush, which appears to give that red-cheeked look after crying; albeit in this case it’s done in a way that is attractive.

The tears look good here, with the decision to keep the traditional appearance of the tears an unusual one, especially when displayed in a grouping of them.

Also working well here is the way she chose to have the lips in white so it didn’t interfere with the flow of the rest of the design.

Teardrop on Corner of Eye

Here is an example of a nice makeup touch using a teardrop that nicely complements a look. I think it is a great way to make a statement when going out, without overdoing it.

And if you had a little spat with your husband or boyfriend where you were hurt, you can always go out like this letting him feel a little of your pain as a reminder.

You can do that and still look great, as the model here does.

Blue Tear and Sad Clown Face

For those wanting to create that sad clown look, the photo below offers an example of how that can be done.

You include the white foundation, with the darker eyes and lips, but have that blue tear standing out in a way that says it represents the predominant way you feel at the time. The way the eyebrows are shaped help to reinforce the feel of sadness.

Teardrop Makeup Video Tutorials

Here are several videos providing a look at how to apply makeup using teardrops as the central theme, as well as a look at the final product.

Included in the makeup video tutorials is how to make crocodile tears, Gothic tears, a pantomime mask, and simply using jewel stones for tears.

Crocodile Tears Makeup Tutorial

Gothic Tears

Pantomime Mask Makeup for Halloween (by MissChievous)

Makeup Look:Teardrops

Bloody Tear Makeup

Here we have a simple but effective way to apply tear makeup. This one is designed to express tears in the form of blood dripping down from the eyes, suggesting an extremely painful situation.

Notice the color of the eye shadow on the lid, complementing the dripping tears of blood

Horror Tear Makeup

What’s interesting about teardrop makeup is the way it migrates from looking like realistic tears, to looking like tears that are causing makeup to drip,as in this photo. Here we’re seeing the results of tears, rather than the actual, physical appearance of tears.

It’s interesting how the red was used as a backdrop to the tears, implying blood behind them. Also notice the subtle way the light red was applied to the lips, which also had a white base to them. Pretty cool horror look.

Teardrop and Tears Makeup

Using a teardrop theme for a makeup look an awesome choice, and as shown, can be designed in a wide array of looks.

You can choose to replicate exactly a teardrop, providing a cute and compelling design, or go the route of the effects of falling tears, in a way that all women fear happening as the makeup drips down the face on a river of tears.

Either way, it’s a fascinating choice that will generate a lot of attention because of how so many of us relate to the cause behind tears, and when it take it to the level of horror, it brings it to another level.

It’s definitely worth trying teardrops as a makeup design to see what unique look can be created.