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Andy Cohen’s Theory on Why Michelle Obama and Madonna Will Not Appear on ‘WWHL’

Andy Cohen, host of Watch What Happens Live on Bravo, joined Willie Geist on Today over the weekend and came to the conclusion that Michelle Obama and Madonna will not be on his show. That’s not to say that Cohen wouldn’t love to have them on the show, he just thinks they won’t do it, and he’s got a theory about why.

“I think that she (Obama) and Madonna, now that I’ve publicly said that those are the two people, I think that they’re vowing to go on every show but this show just to make me literally crazy,” said Cohen.

Cohen may be right that neither of them will be on WWHL, but their reasons may be very different. When asked what he’d do if he got Madonna to the show, Cohen alluded to playing the game Dwheel Breakers, but tweaking the wheel, which usually features relationship deal-breakers, to include Madonna’s ex-boyfriends. When it comes to Michelle Obama, if she were to appear on the show, Cohen might need to extend the show beyond its normal half hour.

“First of all, I would want to do a tequila shot with her. There’s so much about this election that I would want to talk to her about. I know she’s a closet Housewives fan — it’s been confirmed by people on her staff. Things that bug her about her husband. Yeah, there’s a lot,” Cohen said.

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