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How to Care for Colored Contact Lenses

Some wear colored contact lenses for purely cosmetic purposes, while others use them as a tool for vision correction with the added perk of having a different eye color for the day. Regardless of your reasons for wearing colored contacts, it is essential to treat them with utmost care. Neglecting to do so will not only result in a shorter lens life, but also possibly in eye irritation or injury.


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          Wash your hands prior to handling your lenses, whether you are taking them off or putting them in (see Resources). Bits of dust or lint may be challenging to spot on colored contacts so you need to take special care that you don’t get any particles on your lenses as these will irritate the eye.

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          Use a no-rub multipurpose solution to disinfect your lenses with. It is important that you specifically get a solution with the “no-rub” feature, as you should avoid rubbing your colored contact lenses when you clean them, potentially scratching the color in the process.

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        Clean extended wear colored contact lenses with enzymatic tablets once a week. Since extended wear contacts can be worn daily for up to a year, keep your eyes healthy by giving your lenses an extra boost of disinfection than you would disposable colored contacts.

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        Store your colored contacts in a lens case with screw-on lids. If you only wear your lenses for artistic or cosmetic purposes–such as for photo shoots where a change of eye color is necessary for a more intense effect–this kind of lens case is ideal to pack in your purse. Lids that screw firmly into place prevent leaks, as compared to lids you close by merely pressing down on them, which leak out your contact lens solution if not stored upright. If you use a lens case with press-down lids, your contacts may lose the solution necessary for them to soak in to maintain moisture and flexibility; by the time you get home from a long day out, your lenses could be dry and may have possibly even hardened.

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        Do not swap colored contacts with anyone, even if the lenses do not have a prescription grade. Trading lenses spreads bacteria from one set of eyes to the next, causing redness, irritation or injury.


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