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How To Choose Right Colored Contacts

During my days as a student studying for my O’ levels I have been quite consumed by the desire and soon giving that desire fulfillment by wearing colored contacts lenses. I suppose any girl who has naturally dark eyes, like dark brown or black, at times wishes that her eyes were of a different colour. And thanks to the era we were born in, we can actually help in the situation. I am not saying that dark eyes aren’t wonderful, in fact now that I have matured; my need to constantly change the colour of my lenses has ebbed to a point that I rarely wear contact lenses. Anyway, that is besides the point.

Choosing the right colour:

Coloured contact lenses come in various shades and it is sometimes difficult, especially for first time users to choose which colour to wear. Although I am aware that those who buy contact lenses, usually have a preconceived notion that a certain colour will look great on them, or that they wish to wear a particular shade of green or blue, it is not always the case that that colour will look great on them. However, there is a way that even colours that you are dying to wear but feel like it would not suit your skin colour or face structure can be worn beautifully if worn together with the right eye makeup. It needs to be realized that coloured contact lenses usually needs to be worn with a bit of eye makeup to blend the colour with your skin and face to make it seem natural. Wearing coloured contact lenses with no makeup is usually a disaster as it generally looks out of place. I am not asking you to wear tons of makeup, perhaps just a little kohl under and around the eyes or a little shimmery eye makeup with black mascara. Try to refrain from wearing green eye shadow with green contacts and blue with blue contacts unless you know your way around the makeup department.

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Dark and milk chocolate skin:

Although most people have a predetermined idea that dark skinned people should not wear coloured contact lenses of a lighter shade, I beg to differ. Honey or Autumn, which has a beautiful bright glow to it, are great colours for dark skinned girls. It adds mischief to the eyes and gives a tiger like quality. If you want a cooler look, you can also go for misty grey or amethyst, they are both colours with a cold undertone, it adds sexiness to the eyes. Shades of green and blue can also be worn but try not to steer towards bright shades of green or blue, go for a subtle look by choosing dark shades of green or blue as it will blend it well.

Olive or tanned skin:

Going for bright shades is a good idea. Make your eyes shine by going for a bright shade of green as it would be the best choice for you. Try not to wear green makeup with green contacts as it will dull your eyes. However, shades of blue should be avoided. Other colours to consider are honey, hazel and grey. Navy blue coloured contact lenses look fantastic too if you are planning on a subtle change.

Colored contacts lenses


Fair skin:

Blues and grays are great shades for you. Honey should be avoided as the mischief that usually comes with honey does not usually suit girls of a fairer shade as the skin is too light to carry out the playful mischief with the eyes. Just go for bright and shiny colours. Turquoise and Carrabin aqua are colours that give fair people the freshness of the ocean and looks great when worn with white clothes. Purple and amethyst look fantastic on fair skin as it gives an innocent look that blends with the fair skin. Only really fair people can honestly wear shades of violet without any makeup and yet make it seem so beautifully natural.

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For all skin colours:

Going for contact lenses that have three rich shades blended together is great for all skin colours. Again, there are actually no fixed rules that anyone needs to follow. Try to take chances and try out new colours.

How to choose colored contacts lenses

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