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Gemma Chan’s Abs And Legs Look Unbelievably Toned In A Crop Top And Minidress

Gemma Chan is stepping into her element as a superhero on the red carpet. The Eternals star, 38, looked downright superhuman in two stunning looks that showed off her toned abs and legs.

First, Gemma turned heads in a black, sequined crop top and skirt set. While her headdress is giving major Black Swan vibes, her six-pack is giving total #fitspo. Then, Gemma donned a bright, white minidress with a massive cape attached. Her shimmery, beaded look is show-stopping—and her sculpted legs are the icing on the cake.

Basically, Gemma is looking fitter than ever, and I am so here for it. The proof is in the photos, like this one:

And this one:

Wondering how Gemma gets in saving-the-world shape? Luckily, she’s spilled plenty of her fitness secrets.

“I like doing yoga,” the Crazy Rich Asians actress told British Vogue. “I’ve just started Pilates which is brutal–so brutal, deceptively so. But I do enjoy that and I have a mini morning routine.”

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“It’s a blend of yoga, sun salutations, and a little bit of Pilates core work,” she continued. “It only takes about 10 minutes but I find that if I do that in the morning, it sets me up for the day ahead and my posture is better.”

Plus, Gemma says her routine breaks up her more boring working-from-home days (yep, I feel her there). “Even if I’m just sitting on the sofa working on my laptop, if I’ve done that, I feel better,” she said.

Gemma explained that her workout routine has shifted since the pandemic began. “When I was training for Captain Marvel I did boxing classes, which I really enjoyed,” she told British Vogue. “But obviously, with this year being so strange, l’ve not been able to do that.”

Instead, she said that “I find that just putting on some really good music and dancing is an enjoyable way to move your body. During the first period of lockdown a group of my friends had a kind of Zoom mini…it’s a stretch to call it a rave. But we’d share the music and we’d have a drink and a dance. I don’t know if it really counts as proper exercise…but there you go.”


Gemma also revealed in a 2019 interview that her Captain Marvel training didn’t end after she stepped on set. The suit she wore for her role as the blue-skinned Minn-Erva was more than difficult to move in. “It’s almost like a resistance suit, trying to snap you back into this superhero pose,” Gemma said.

“You just need to really work on your core strength,” she explained. “I have to constantly have my arms raised, because [I’m] holding a rifle, but you can’t really lift your arms past there in the suit,” Gemma added, lifting her arm to about 90 degrees.

“So it was really hard work. It was a lot of effort. My arms were killing me by the end of every day!” Tbh, all that hard work clearly paid off, if her muscles are anything to go by.