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Choosing The Best Hair Color For Olive Skin

Your looks can be accentuated by your hair color and changing your hair color alone could amount to a complete makeover. While nature usually gives you the best hair tone and color to match your skin, you might want to experiment with different colors to give yourself a new look. However, the field of hair color is pretty bewildering, and you should therefore proceed carefully. Once you choose a hair color, you will not be able to remove it for weeks. And imagine how ghastly it would be if you end up with the wrong hair color (considering the fact that you will never know what looks best on you until you try it)! Olive skin is most common among Asians and Latin Americans. This type of skin has cool undertones, tans easily, but doesn’t get sun burnt. The natural hair color ranges from purplish black to light brown. If your skin tone is olive, your choice of hair color should be one that is closest to your skin tone. Before you go in for a hair color, examine your skin tone, as well as eye color, to choose the best hair color. The right hair color will add fun, style and shine to any hair style and make you look your best at all times. 


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Choosing The Best Hair Color For Olive Skin 
Choosing Hair Colors Based On Eyes
At times, the best choice of hair color can be determined by taking the color of your eyes into consideration. Depending on the shades, olive skin tone fall in the cool shade category and the people with olive skin tones can chose hair color keeping following points in mind: 
  • Hazel eyes – You can try shades of dark strawberry blonde or golden brown.
  • Green eyes – Golden brown or strawberry blonde shade will look excellent. If you wish to look rebellious, you could go for violet or pink. Golden brown or dark strawberry blond looks flattering on people with olive skin and hazel eyes.
  • Brown eyes – Go in for cooler colors such as ash brown, blue black and coffee brown.
  • Blue eyes – Piercing blue eyes will look even better if you choose shades such as light brown, auburn, or burgundy. 
Choosing Colors Based On Skin Tone 
Olive skin usually implies a cool skin undertone. Therefore, the colors that will look best are natural golden blonde, strawberry blonde, golden brown, reddish brown, copper, or red. Keep the following points in mind, before choosing your hair color based on your skin tone. 
  • Choose a hair color, which is within three shades of your natural hair color. For example, if your hair is naturally deep brown, you can try experimenting with deep red, copper, or burgundy.
  • Do not go in for very pale colors. If you try pale blond, or platinum blond, you will look unnatural.
  • Highlights will look great with cool skin tones such as an olive skin tone. Again, do not try very pale blond highlights, unless you wish to look like a squirrel from the back!
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