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Paulina Porizkova shares unretouched nude magazine photo

The supermodel, 56, took to Instagram on Tuesday to share an unretouched version of her cover of Los Angeles magazine. The pic, from a story about celebrating getting older in an ageist society, features a smiling Porizkova completely naked, save for a few pieces of jewelry.

While the magazine featured a sticker over Porizkova’s body, this version — captured by photographer Jill Greenberg — shows much more, including one of Porizkova’s nipples, which she said she had to “blur” due to Instagram’s “weird nipple fear.”

Though the photo wasn’t edited, Porizkova stressed that she doesn’t “walk around looking this fab on a normal day.”

“This look took two hours of professional makeup and hair,” she noted in the caption. “And body makeup. And excellent lighting by a talented photographer. But the result is me looking my best- with no retouching and no filters and no anything else.”

This post follows a video the model shared on Instagram from the photo shoot, which shows her dancing in a blazer without a shirt underneath. She captioned the video, “Just put some Bee Gees on and I can’t help dancing. And in this case , strutting my stuff for @lamag . As you can see, this was a fun, relaxed shoot helmed by @jill.greenberg . It always helps to be photographed by a woman when you’re at [your] most vulnerable- whether physically or emotionally naked.”


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In addition to posing for the Los Angeles magazine cover story, Porizkova opened up about sometimes feeling “invisible” as a woman in her 50s. She recalled a time she and her late husband Ric Ocasek were out in Las Vegas.

“We were going out for the night, and I got really done up: tight black dress, plunging neckline, red lips, really high heels,” she explained. “I was walking through the casino, and I thought I looked really hot, like I was sauntering down a runway. But I wasn’t getting noticed. In the past, there’d always been this tiny bit of friction when I walked through a crowd — this infinitesimal moment of awareness. But that night in Vegas, for the first time, there was none of that; it was like nobody even saw me.”