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How To Use The Toner and Best Toners For Unclogging Pores On the Skin

No one likes pores on the face. Everyone wants to get rid of it. Having large pores on the skin can also be due to dirt and oil on the face.

Due to the pores, the skin becomes complicated, and the softness of your skin starts disappearing.

In such a situation, the pores open, and they do not close, due to which light pits start appearing on the face. Pimples can also be a cause of pores.

Even after the pimple is gone, there are pits on the face. You can use some homemade remedies and toners to get rid of these pores. With this, your pores will start closing soon. Know about some home remedies to close the pores. Best Toners in India are given below


The Three Best Toners Will Help Unclog The Pores of The Skin.


Biotique Toner: All the products of Biotique are excellent. The remarkable thing is that they are herbal, which does not harm your skin in any way. Ingredients like Cucumber, Neem and Peach are found in Biotique toner.

Ayur Toner is best for the skin. If you use this toner daily, then soon, your open pores will get closed.

Lotus Toner Lotus Toner contains ingredients of cucumber. It works to remove all the dirt from your skin. You can also remove your makeup with it. This will also keep your skin very calm and soft.


How To Use Toner – How to use the toner  

You can use the toner twice a day. After cleansing your face with a cleanser in the morning, apply a light toner with the help of cotton.

After applying toner moisturizer and then you can do your makeup very quickly.

You can remove your entire face makeup with toner at night. For this, take a toner in a cotton pad and wipe your face well. After cleansing your face, do not forget to apply moisturizer to your face.

This will keep the moisture on the skin, and the skin will not become dry.

Please take out the white part of the egg, mix oats and lemon juice in it, and prepare a fine paste.

Now apply this paste to the face, leave it for about 15 minutes, and then wash its face with normal water. You can do this once a week. By doing this, you will see the open pores of your skin getting closed.

Banana is considered very beneficial for the body as well as the skin. To tighten the skin, mash a banana at least twice a week, apply it on your skin, and then wash the face with normal water after 25 minutes.

By doing this, the skin will also glow, and the pores will also be disappeared


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