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Gwen Stefani’s Going to Upgrade Your Glasses This Year

Gwen Stefani‘s known for many things – her vibrant red lipstick, platinum blonde hair and daring sense of style. But now, you can add glasses to that list too. The star, who started sporting glasses while pregnant with her son Apollo, is launching her third collection of gx by Gwen Stefani and L.A.M.B. eyewear with Tura, and can’t stop wearing them.

Gwen Stefani

“I don’t just love eyewear as a fashion accessory; like so many people, I need glasses to see. But I have always loved eyewear. Before I started designing, I had three drawers full of glasses,” the designer and singer told PeopleStyle.

When it comes to finding the perfect pair, though, Stefani says such a thing doesn’t exist. “I don’t believe there is a perfect pair of eyewear. I am so not a fashion ‘do’s and don’t’s’ person. I really believe everyone should wear what they feel best in,” the 47-year-old star says.

Her advice for finding glasses that work for you? “Try on different pairs. Maybe wear something you always wanted to, but thought you never could,” Stefani said.

And when it comes to her own eyewear style, the L.A.M.B. designer isn’t afraid to play with different shapes, shades and sizes.

“I wear all kinds of crazy things and unexpected combinations. I love that about fashion,” she said. “I like the lack of rules and the freedom of creativity, rather than fitting into a mold or going with a trend.”

Before Stefani stocked up on countless sunglasses from her own collection and other designers alike, the star said she wasn’t one to drop a fortune on a pair for herself. “When I was growing up, I didn’t splurge because I couldn’t. So I would find sunglasses I loved at thrift or dime stores,” she said. “I know they’re an investment. I love that my line uses the highest quality materials but are still really affordable.”

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Though she loves everything about getting to play with new styles – “I wear all kinds of crazy things and I love that about fashion!” – her favorite is seeing people on the street wearing her designs. “It’s the absolute craziest, most awesome moment ever!” she says. “I want to scream, and sometimes I do! It is the biggest honor, each and every time – I have been like ‘Thank you so much for wearing these! Do you love them?!’ Oh man, it’s the coolest!”