Vaping is done by electronic equipment that simulates and provoke the sensation of tobacco smoking. Vaping equipments works by heating the e-liquid to produce aerosol which is commonly known as “vapor”, that the person inhales. Generally a question arises “Is vaping better than smoking?” There are many advantages people get to experience when they switch from smoking tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes or vaping.

Many people get confused that smoking and vaping are not different. But, aside from resembling similar when inhaled, the difference between smoking and vaping is wide.

There are many health benefits of vaping. Vapors produced by vaping equipment doesn’t contain any sulphur and carbon monoxide, which is regularly found in toxic tobacco cigarettes. This provides an opportunity to the human body to start detoxifying harmful gases like carbon monoxide from our blood. After switching to vaping or e-cigarrates, one can restore back a large amount of oxygen in the blood. This will increase the efficiency of the person and make him/her feel good in several other ways as well.

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Vaping is better than smoking as the E-cigarette vapor does not contain any type of carcinogens which is generally found in tobacco cigarette smoke. This will cut the chances of lung cancer by about 80 percent and cut the risk of heart attack roughly by half. Many people experience improvement in breathing as soon as they switch to vaping. It’s because the person is no longer getting exposed to the tar that was causing clogging and irritation in bronchial tubes. The lungs will slowly become relaxed and clear with time. Other ailments like coughing, shallow breathing and sneezing slowly reduce and vanishes. The energy slowly restores within the body.

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Regular smoking of tobacco cigarette harms the receptors present within the nose and mouth due to the harmful toxins present in them. After vaping one will notice the improvement in sense of taste, food and drinks will seem more delicious and enjoyable than before. Furthermore, the sense of smell will become better and the receptors will start healing slowly. One can buy e liquid online easily.

Why switch to vaping?

The longer you quit tobacco cigarettes and switch to vaping, the more efficiently the person will notice improvement in health. The body will express gratitude for quitting smoking, as your overall health will improve and the hazards of many diseases will be slowly diminish. Furthermore, people around you will not get exposed to the toxic smoke produced from the cigarettes.

A research conducted by British American Tobacco scientists published that they, tested both electric-cigarette vapor with regular tobacco cigarette smoke to check their ability to perform cell mutations in different types of bacteria. The experiment revealed that the smoke caused mutations also caused toxicity in the bacteria, whereas the vapors of e-cigarette neither were toxic to bacteria and caused any mutations. It scientifically proved that vapors do not form cancer cells in the human body.

That isn’t perfect and accurate proof, but a very beneficial indicator that vapor isn’t carcinogenic like tobacco cigarettes. A different toxic substance present in vapors of an e-cigarette is present in much small amount. Human bodies have defending ability to fight against cancer-causing ailments up to a certain level. It is well known that exposure to a small amount of toxins is often not risky.

The conclusion is that smoking regular cigarettes is very harmful to the human body. It’s a well-known statement that smoking causes lung cancer, heart ailment, and severe damage to body parts. Till now, there is no scientific evidence that vaping causes any hazardous health ailments. Switching from smoking cigarettes to vaping can be beneficial and it probably isn’t bad for the body.