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Chris Evans’ dog now has the sexy ‘Knives Out’ sweater

Sweater weather is going to the dogs.

Chris Evans dressed his pooch Dodger in his own version of the cable knit sweater the actor wore in “Knives Out” that drove the internet into a fashion-related frenzy.

This week, the 38-year-old movie star tweeted out photos of his mixed-breed boxer rocking a cream knit turtleneck that looks almost identical to his own cream sweater.

Several fans then posted their own pooches in similar styles.


“I knit my lil dude one too!” wrote one fan. Another added, “Katy has a sweater just like that one that we bought from Chewy, if you’re wondering where to get him one 😂.”

And the “Knives Out” look isn’t just for dudes and dogs.

“My cat has the exact same one omg,” tweeted one fan.

In early December, the internet erupted over the hunky actor in the cozy sweater.

“I was at the premiere last night and I’m pretty sure people clapped and cheered when that sweater came out,” actress Mara Wilson had tweeted.

TV writer Ira Madison III chimed in, “I just ordered Chris Evans’ sweater from Knives Out and I can’t wait to f - - k it.”

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