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Japanese technique of drawing eyebrows

Know how to make a career as a Microblading artist

Looking out for something unusual, creative, and unique in your life? Love everything related to beautifying people? We bring you a unique way where you could have an interesting job. You get to become the guardian for many people by saving them from big facial problem.

We recognize everybody by their faces and nobody wants to be remembered being ugly in front of anybody. Good looks boost up your confidence.  If a person’s facial features are intact then they automatically look good. One of the basic facial features is the eyebrows. They decide our entire look. Person with scarce eyebrows are not as attractive as the thick ones.

Eyebrows play a crucial part in depicting one’s looks. Many people have eyebrows issues like having zero brows, blonde colored eyebrows, have lost their brows in accident, chemo or misshaped eyebrows. You could be the one who can solve their issues in very artistic manner – by becoming a Microblading artist.

What you have to do?

You have to apply for the training course which many academies provide to help you know and qualify as an artist. You have to look for classes where they provide certified courses for Microblading. After you have registered for the course and completed a proper training, you will get certification for it.

You can go for interning under any local certified artist. Most Microblading internship programs are not paid. You can apply for American Academy of Micro pigmentation or the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals, and get certified from there. You have to pass their tests, get a certificate that licenses you from the Department of Health. You can then apply for a job and get your career rolling. AAM and SPCP provide Microblading certification everywhere.

Safety is more important than convenience

Different safety and protective measures must be taken to avoid any serious complication to the client. The measures which are to be taken are similar to that of any tattooing technique.

The most common disgrace which arises is the client’s dissatisfaction occurs due to misapplication of the pigment – pigment migration and color change. Since it is all about dealing with their faces and it is a permanent process, you need to be very careful with minute details.

You have to be very careful and carry the process with lots of patience. More safety measures include different use to needles every time and proper sanitization of the instruments and hands. This prevents the transfer of communicable diseases.

Career Options

This career has lots of boosting opportunities. You can make good amount of money from this career. The average procedure costs $450 to $800. This process takes two hours to complete.

If a Microblading technician appoints one client per day. He could generate revenue of approximately $15,000 in a month. Plus you can give apprenticeship services and charge up to $500.

You need not to be a trained tattoo artist or makeup artist to apply for this course. Just go through the procedures, get admitted in an institution, and start working. A normal person could also be trained and become a successful Microblading technician. The field is gaining a huge platform all across the globe. It is time you start looking for the opportunities that are available to you. Come over to Avant Microblading training and try your luck in this career option.



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