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3 Reasons you should avoid mineral oil in your makeup

The ingredients used in our everyday makeup products range from being gentle and hypoallergenic, like beeswax and all-natural minerals, to bordering on dangerous, such as parabens and chemicals. Differentiating between all of the products directed to consumers on a daily basis can be a challenge, especially when all of them claim superiority. However, it’s important to examine individual ingredients with care and knowledge, as some of these ingredients have been linked to illness’ and even cancer. By all means, the time it takes to make a well-informed decision when it comes to your makeup products is well worth it! Consider, for instance, a commonly used ingredient that you should consider avoiding—mineral oil.

 If mineral oil sounds familiar, that’s likely because you’ve used it before. Going by a variety of names, such as “liquidpetroleum”, “white mineral oil”, and “paraffin oil”, mineral oil has been used in countless products, from medicine to moisturizers and, you guessed it, even makeup.Lately, however, mineral oil has been attracting negative attention, and with reason. There are a number of reasons why mineral oil should be avoided, but let’s consider just three.

 Mineral Oil May Be Full Of Toxins

 Mineral oil, derived from petroleum, is a by-product of the distillation of petroleum used to produce gasoline. Depending on the grade of mineral oil, it can be used as a lubricant for engines and other pieces of technical equipment. In this unpurified form, mineral oil has been identified as containing a number of contaminants that have been linked to an increased risk in cancer. Even while cosmetics use a more purified grade of mineral oil, scientists have expressed concern that there could still be an increased danger for consumers. A variety of studies have shown that over time, women especially have become exposed to contaminants found in mineral oil, and scientists feel that cosmetics are likely to blame.

 Mineral Oil Does Nothing Beneficial For Your Skin

 While mineral oil certainly has its risks, it does absolutely nothing for the quality and protection of your skin to make those risks even remotely worth it. Mineral oil is without nutrients, doesn’t hydrate, and simply acts as a veil over your skin, holding in moisture and suffocating pores.

 Mineral Oil Can Clog Your Pores

 Mineral oil is a “comedogenic” ingredient—this means that there is an increased risk that it will clog the pores on your face. This will increase the risk of breakouts, acne, and blackheads. And when purchasing a makeup product with mineral oil, it is usually impossible to tell what level of quality the mineral oil is. However, even with the most refined mineral oil, there are still significant chances that the ingredient will trap bacteria, components of the product, and your natural oils in pores. This naturally increases the risk of breakouts.

 With so many alternatives when it comes to our cosmetics, why not consider a different path and try to avoid the use of mineral oil? There are certainly sufficient reasons to do, and with all the risks out there and plenty of different options, there are only benefits to giving change a chance.
















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