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I found the best Wedding Photographer from UrbanClap

I went through a lot of rough patches in my first marriage. My ex-husband was abusive at most of the times and I was broken. This was really a very bold decision to marry again, but this time it was my best friend Gaurav and I knew he will never let me or my proud down. Despite in my first marriage everything was excellent still I wasn’t happy, but this time I was happy and was least concerned about the preparations. But Gaurav was concerned, as it was his first marriage and he wanted to make every moment memorable as it was with me. He just wanted to count every little thing which could bring a shy smile on my face. He wanted to capture all those happy moments in a reel and for that we required the budget wedding Photographer in Delhi.

Everyone on Gaurav’s side was excited and to my surprise my parents were happy too. Despite it was again a love marriage there was something in Gaurav that made them accept him as my life partner. He was supportive and he was caring, he took care of every small thing on his own and I was going to be the luckiest lady on the Earth. Coming back to the scene, preparations were going on and there was no clue, from where we will get one of the best wedding photographers in Delhi. Since Gaurav has lived in Delhi since ages, he told me about few of the studios which, according to him, were good at Wedding Photography.

We visited them, but when we went through their portfolios we could not find anything out of the box and attractive in their work. Even he was not happy with the kind of work they showed us. Few of our relatives also suggested us with one or two options which was again a total waste and was unable to bring anything fruitful. I and Gaurav were little tensed as we had no time to waste and less time to find the one who can take nice photographs of us together along with the whole family. Finding a wedding photographer was really becoming a hectic job for us.


UrbanClap let us find the best Wedding Photographer

We were sitting in lawn thinking what to do, when Gaurav’s sister came and told us that she had a way out for the same. We stood up and asked her what she was talking about? She told us that there is an app named UrbanClap which let the service seekers get the service providers they need. I took out my android smart phone and searched for the app on Google Play Store. We found the app over there and it just took us a few seconds to download it on the device. The app was installed on my device and was ready to open. I opened the app to fill few of the details required to register there as a service seeker.

I got registered on the app UrbanClap and then I started searching for the best wedding photographers in Delhi. There was a huge list of various service providers providing the wedding photography service, flashing on my smart phone’s screen. Gaurav sighed and told this will be useless but his sister suggested that it wasn’t tough. She asked us to go through the ratings and reviews while choosing the professionals among all. Now, it was our turn to scratch our mind hard enough to search few best ones among all.

After a lot of brain storming, we sent personal messages to few of them to get their price quotes. We received the price quotes along with the services included and their portfolios. We went through the prices and their work. The price was not a concern for both of us; we just needed to have the best photographs of our wedding captured by the wedding photographer. We wanted to cherish the most beautiful day of our lives, throughout our life and we were not ready to compromise just on the money grounds. Fortunately, I and Gaurav loved one of the portfolios of a professional who was offering both the Photography and Video making services, that too at a very decent amount. We asked him to come for the face to face meeting the very next day, so that we can see the hard copy of his portfolio and few of his video editing skills.

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Why UrbanClap?

I trusted UrbanClap, as the professional I got from there for the wedding photography was the best at his work. He reached us on time for the face to face meeting. We asked him a lot of questions about his profession and cleared all our doubts whichever we were having. He was very polite and patient. He assured us that he and his team will make everything perfect for our wedding and told us not to worry about anything.

His assurance did miracles and now we were distressed. We thanked Gaurav’s sister for making things easier and let us find the best among all possible wedding photographers in Delhi. Then I realised that you must not always adhere to the traditional ways to find someone for the services you need. UrbanClap broke all my traditional views about the wedding preparations. If I had known before, I could have hired the caterers and the decorators too from this app only. After all they are too good at delivering the best possible services.

How to find the best wedding photographer from UrbanClap?

Finding the best wedding photographer from UrbanClap was as easy as a cake walk. Yes, at first it indeed seemed to be a hectic and tiring job, but it was very easy as everything was happening just on a finger tap. As assured by the Wedding photographer, the work was awesome. The photographs we received were just perfect and there was nothing to point out at, in his work. Every ceremony was well captured and my love, my life, Gaurav just looked amazing in every picture of his. His tiny twinkling eyes with a broad sheepish smile brought smile on my face too.

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I was very thankful to Mr. Oliver D’souza and his team from Moments studio in kailash Colony, for his contribution in bringing life to the photographs. Even the video was well edited and I just loved the cinematography. The songs which they included in the wedding movie were just awesome and very connecting to the ceremonies. I fell in love with Gaurav once again while watching our Wedding movie. Both of us were happy with their work and as an appraisal we paid them a little more than what they demanded.

I will recommend Oliver and his team to every single person out there who is planning to get married soon or later as they are the ones who will not let down your expectations. They are best at their work. We are thankful to UrbanClap and the team for letting us meet Oliver and his team which were the best among all the wedding photographers in Delhi, we went through.